CloudBees CodeShip changelog

CloudBees CodeShip makes it easier to get a working CI/CD process running through an easy-to-configure web UI and turnkey deployments.

Syntax matching support in select code editors

  • March 17th 2021, 9:34am

CloudBees CodeShip Pro’s configuration files support for select editing environments, including:

  • IntelliJ IDEA

  • PhpStorm

  • PyCharm

  • Rider

  • RubyMine

  • Visual Studio 2013+

  • Visual Studio Code

  • Visual Studio for Mac

  • WebStorm

  • JSONBuddy

To integrate for syntax recognition, just add the following schemas to your editor:

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • December 4th 2020, 6:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.3.25 and 7.4.13

  • Composer updated to 2.0.8

    • To use 1.x run composer self-update --1

  • Google Chrome updated to 87

Docker Hub rate limits

  • October 28th 2020, 1:00pm


Docker Hub will begin pull rate limits starting November 1, 2020. This may impact your Pro projects in several ways:

  • The primary impact will be for new projects that are pulling from Docker Hub for the first time

  • Projects that are not using caching or are built infrequently could also be impacted

We encourage you to configure caching on your Pro projects. This gives you faster builds and after the initial build your project does not have to pull from Docker Hub each time, but rather uses our internal caching system.

Docker is introducing the following limits based on your Docker account:

  • Free plan - anonymous users: 100 pulls per 6 hours

  • Free plan - authenticated users: 200 pulls per 6 hours

  • Pro plan - unlimited

  • Team plan - unlimited

If you encounter Docker Hub rate limit issues with your Pro projects, you can configure Docker Hub authentication. If you anticipate higher usage than what the free Docker plan offers, consider upgrading your Docker plan to unlimited pulls.

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • October 13th 2020, 6:00am


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.34, 7.3.23 and 7.4.11

  • Python versions updated to 3.5.10, 3.6.12, 3.7.9, and 3.8.6

  • Python 3.9.0 added

  • Ruby 2.7.2 added

  • JRuby updated to

  • Google Chrome updated to 86

  • ChromeDriver updated to 86.0.4240.22

Legacy GitHub OAuth app removed

  • October 12th 2020, 2:34am


We removed the legacy GitHub OAuth integration from GitHub.

This integration was discontinued from active use in 2019, however remained configured for many repositories.

We do not expect any customer impact, however you may notice entries in your GitHub audit trail for the integration being removed from older projects.

In the unlikely case you are impacted, then the two most likely scenarios are described below.

If you experience a failure to trigger builds:

Go to GitHub and ensure the app is correctly configured -

If you find your CodeShip builds are not able to checkout code:

Then follow the instructions for resetting the SSH key - Project SSH Public Key

Critical Security Notification

  • September 30th 2020, 4:00am


Dear CodeShip users,

We are reaching out to inform you of additional information we have uncovered as a result of our continuing investigation of the recent GitHub breach. To provide maximum transparency, we are reporting on the results of our investigation, the impact on users, actions you must take to protect yourself/your organization, and actions we will take to strengthen our security processes going forward.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, CloudBees was notified by GitHub of suspicious activities targeting CodeShip business accounts connected to GitHub via the CodeShip GitHub app and now deprecated CodeShip OAuth tokens. CloudBees immediately initiated an investigation conducted by our security and engineering teams, and on September 27, we identified additional evidence of malicious activity against a failover CodeShip database. On September 29, we uncovered evidence to indicate that a malicious actor had access to this failover instance during the period of June 2019 to June 2020. At this time and to the best of our knowledge, we have no evidence of malicious activity or attempts within CodeShip systems since June 2020.

What type of data was affected?

The impacted accounts are those of CodeShip users. No other products or accounts were affected and CodeShip is in no way integrated with other CloudBees products or systems.

For all CodeShip users:

  • CodeShip users hashed account passwords, one-time password (OTP) recovery codes and the OTP secret keys used to seed two-factor authentication may have been exposed.

For CodeShip Basic users:

  • Any information contained in CodeShip users' pipelines may have been exposed. This includes scripts, environment variables, access tokens and other similar data.

For CodeShip Pro users:

  • AES encryption keys may have been exposed.

Business contact information for invoicing purposes such as company contact name, company name, VAT number, postal address, phone number also may have been exposed. No payment information, such as bank account numbers or credit card numbers was exposed. No other CloudBees product other than CodeShip was impacted. Also, the logging system was not accessed for any customers.

Steps you should take

Although at this time we have no evidence that the data potentially exfiltrated has been used, all CodeShip users may have been affected (including free, Basic and Pro accounts) and should take the following steps:

  • Immediately rotate any keys or other secrets for cloud providers, third party tools or anything else that you used in your CodeShip pipelines.

  • If using CodeShip Pro, rotate your AES key and re-encrypt your secrets.

  • Immediately identify any other sensitive information that is stored in your pipelines and replace them within your pipelines and on any external systems.

  • Determine whether any of your systems accessible from CodeShip have experienced unauthorized access, by contacting your provider or carefully review your access records.

  • Verify that the source code held in repositories that are linked to your CodeShip account have retained their full integrity.

  • Reset your CodeShip 2FA.

At this time and to the best of our knowledge, we have no evidence of malicious activity or attempts within CodeShip systems since June 2020. We are continuing to monitor the situation.

Steps we are taking

As soon as we were notified by GitHub on September 16, we proceeded to rotate all our applications' internal secrets and rebuilt all our AWS AMIs. We are continuing to scrutinize our AWS security logs to monitor for suspicious activity, such as outbound connections to known malicious IPs. To date, we have not found any such activity.

We want you to be assured that we are taking steps to increase the security strength of the CodeShip product, including but not limited to:

  • Validation that our product threat modeling and large-scope security reviews are systematically implemented.

  • Validation that the application of production security standards to all operational processes and artifacts is systematically implemented.

  • Enhancement of strict restrictions on access to production data and strict segregation of sensitive data.

  • Improvement of existing SIRT processes to ensure faster and better forensic investigation.

Who to contact

For more information, please visit our CodeShip status page which we will continue to update with any new developments.

If you still have questions, please contact

Last but not least, I’d like to apologize for the impact this is having on you. In the decade that CloudBees has been operating SaaS applications, we have always taken full responsibility for our products and we do so today. Please be assured that we will do everything we can to prevent this from happening again.


Sacha Labourey



Reauthenticate CodeShip with GitHub

  • September 28th 2020, 1:00pm


On Wednesday September 16, 2020, CloudBees was notified by GitHub of suspicious activities targeting certain CodeShip accounts connected to GitHub via the CodeShip GitHub app and now deprecated CodeShip OAuth tokens. If your GitHub credentials are impacted, you already received or will shortly receive a notification from GitHub informing you of this incident.

The activities point to tokens being used to access the “/user/repos” GitHub API endpoint, which is used to list users' GitHub repositories, including private repositories. It is possible your repositories were cloned, so please contact GitHub support as soon as possible.

As the suspicious activities involve user tokens, as a first step in response we revoked all GitHub related tokens and SSH keys to keep all accounts protected. You need to reauthenticate CodeShip with GitHub immediately to avoid a service impact.

Action Required

We are continuing to investigate the underlying issue and will update our blog to provide more information as soon as we better understand any additional implications and potential root causes.

Thank you.

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • September 14th 2020, 4:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.33, 7.3.22 and 7.4.10

  • Python versions updated to 3.6.11, 3.7.8 and 3.8.5

  • Google Chrome updated to 85

  • ChromeDriver updated to 85.0.4183.87

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • July 20th 2020, 5:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.32, 7.3.20 and 7.4.8

  • Google Chrome updated to 84

  • ChromeDriver updated to 84.0.4147.30

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • June 25th 2020, 5:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.3.19 and 7.4.7

  • Python versions updated to 2.7.18 and 3.8.3

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • May 26th 2020, 1:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.31, 7.3.18 and 7.4.6

  • Ruby 2.4.10, 2.5.8, 2.6.6 and 2.7.1 added

  • JRuby updated to

  • Google Chrome updated to 83

  • ChromeDriver updated to 83.0.4103.39

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • March 23rd 2020, 6:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.29, 7.3.16 and 7.4.4

  • Python versions updated to 3.7.7 and 3.8.2

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • March 18th 2020, 6:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • February 27th 2020, 2:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.28, 7.3.15 and 7.4.3

  • ChromeDriver updated to 80.0.3987.106

  • CouchDB updated to 3.0.0

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • February 6th 2020, 2:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Google Chrome updated to 80

  • ChromeDriver updated to 80.0.3987.16

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • January 30th 2020, 2:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.27, 7.3.14 and 7.4.2

  • Python versions updated to 3.5.9, 3.6.10, 3.7.6 and 3.8.1

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • December 27th 2019, 6:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Ruby 2.7.0 added

  • JRuby updated to

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • December 19th 2019, 6:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Added PHP 7.4.1

  • PHP versions updated to 7.2.26 and 7.3.13

  • Google Chrome updated to 79

  • ChromeDriver updated to 79.0.3945.36

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • December 5th 2019, 4:30pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.1.33, 7.2.25 and 7.3.12

  • Python versions updated to 2.7.17, 3.5.8 and 3.7.5

  • ChromeDriver updated to 78.0.3904.105

  • Default PHPUnit version is now 8.4, but a custom version can be installed as well

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • October 25th 2019, 12:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Google Chrome updated to 78

  • ChromeDriver updated to 78.0.3904.70

  • Added Python 3.8

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • October 7th 2019, 11:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Added Ruby 2.4.9, 2.5.7 and 2.6.5

  • gcloud CLI updated to 264.0.0

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • September 12th 2019, 8:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Google Chrome updated to 77

  • ChromeDriver updated to 77.0.3865.40

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • September 4th 2019, 5:00pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Added Ruby 2.4.7, 2.5.6 and 2.6.4

  • JRuby updated to

  • PHP versions updated to 7.1.32, 7.2.22 and 7.3.9

  • ChromeDriver updated to 76.0.3809.126

  • Removed libmaxminddb packages, but they can be added back with these steps

CodeShip uses GitHub token scanning feature

  • September 4th 2019, 3:14pm

New Feature

The GitHub token scanning feature looks for token names that match regular expressions. See downloading your AES key for more information on regular expressions for CodeShip.

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • August 8th 2019, 6:06pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • PHP versions updated to 7.1.31, 7.2.21 and 7.3.8

  • Lua updated to 5.3.3

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • August 1st 2019, 8:05pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Google Chrome updated to 76

  • ChromeDriver updated to 76.0.3809.68

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • July 15th 2019, 5:28pm


CodeShip Basic has several version updates:

  • PHP 7.2.20 and 7.3.7

  • Python 3.6.9 and 3.7.4

Skipping builds on the same branch

  • July 8th 2019, 11:47am

New Feature

The auto-supersede feature can automatically skip builds in the queue when a newer build on the same branch comes in. By running a build based upon the latest commit, you can streamline the builds and save time. If a code change commit contains an error and a subsequent commit corrects that error, this feature can skip the build with the error and run the fixed, latest build.

The auto-supersede feature adds a new state, skipped, to the build list.


To enable the auto-supersede feature, go to project settings, select the Build triggers tabs and select the Auto-supersede builds radio button to On.

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 10.54.05 AM.png

See Skipping builds on the same branch for more information.

Update to CodeShip Basic

  • July 2nd 2019, 4:12pm


ChromeDriver is updated to version 75.0.3770.90.

Opt-in to Build Page Beta

  • April 26th 2019, 8:39am

New Feature

We are planning to change the look and feel of the build details page for CodeShip Basic. You can participate in the opt-in beta for the United Build Page to help provide feedback.

To opt in the United Build Page beta, from the top-level navigation:

  1. Click the drop down arrow, to open the user account menu.

  2. Select Personal Settings. image::837-aa4ac8faf2818f8b61866942add01f8feb8ea8d4.png[personal-settings.png,width=560,height=271]

  3. Scroll down to Early Stage Beta and look for Updated Build page.

  4. Toggle the Updated Build page switch to on. image::838-e0d4819f81be4b616ed5890b2d4ae51fc96dedea.png[UpdatedBuildPage.png,width=560,height=350]

You can also opt in on the build details page by clicking the Try the new beta version of this page link in the purple banner. image::846-11281b572c4864a7736a6965d04a815c100c7dae.png[buildpage.png,width=560,height=350]

To provide feedback, email

Updates to CodeShip Basic

  • April 23rd 2019, 4:28pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • OpenJDK 11 was added.

  • The following languages were updated:

    • Ruby 2.6.3

    • JRuby

    • Python 3.4.10

CodeShip Basic Builds run on Ubuntu Bionic

  • April 15th 2019, 12:08pm


All customers are now running Ubuntu Bionic. See Ubuntu Bionic On CodeShip Basic for more information.

Updates to CodeShip Basic

  • April 11th 2019, 4:41pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Ruby 2.4.6 was added

  • The following Python versions were added:

    • Python 2.7.16

    • Python 3.5.7

    • Python 3.7.3

Updates to CodeShip Basic

  • April 1st 2019, 2:03pm


CodeShip Basic has the following updates:

Enhancements to Build Only On Pull Requests

  • March 29th 2019, 10:15am


GitHub Enterprise projects can now choose to only trigger builds when opening, updating, or closing Pull Requests. See Configuring Build Triggers for more information.

Updates to CodeShip Basic

  • March 28th 2019, 2:05pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • The following Ruby versions are added:

    • Ruby 2.5.4

    • Ruby 2.5.5

    • Ruby 2.6.2

  • The following tools are updated with new versions:

    • Chrome 73

    • ChromeDriver 73.0.3683.68

    • Firefox 65.0.2

    • geckodriver 0.24.0

    • Go 1.12

    • Elasticsearch 6.6.1

    • Gradle 5.2.1

    • Ant 1.10.5

    • leiningen 2.9.1

    • sbt 1.2.8

    • Maven 3.6.0

    • cf-cli 6.43.0

    • gcloud CLI 232.0.0

CodeShip Basic Builds run on Ubuntu Bionic

  • February 18th 2019, 2:45pm

New Feature

We are upgrading the OS to Ubuntu Bionic in order to keep the Basic environment current and supportable.

Beginning February 18th we will begin gradually running builds on Bionic. For many projects, this will be an uneventful change and your builds will just work.

For projects with custom configurations, we expect you will need to make some adjustments to get your builds running on Bionic. If you need to opt-out of this change you can visit the General tab under Project Settings. Please contact our support team at for assistance with any migration challenges.

Bionic builds are already available, so if you would like to get started now, just let us know. Thanks, and as always let us know if you have any questions!

Build Only On Pull Requests

  • February 14th 2019, 10:54am

New Feature

We’re very happy to announce that as of today you can choose to only trigger builds when opening, updating, or closing Pull Requests! This works for both GitHub, GitLab, as well as Bitbucket.

Triggering builds only on Pull Requests look similar to regular builds. The difference is the pull request number is on the build element.

The pull request number and the URL of the pull request are now available as environment variables only for builds triggered by pull request events:

  • PR_NUMBER is populated with the pull request number.

  • CI_PULL_REQUEST is populated with the URL of the pull request.

To enable builds only on Pull Requests, change the project settings under Build Triggers to “Build only on PR events". image::840-9a558a94b614e3fda3eeada0a2ea8c7cd022b84a.png[build_only_PR.png,scaledwidth=100.0%]

See Configuring Build Triggers for more information.

Thoughts? Comments? Please send any feedback you have to

Updates to CodeShip Basic

  • February 11th 2019, 1:39pm


CodeShip Basic has several updates:

  • Ruby 2.6.1 is added

  • The following tools are updated with new versions:

    • Chrome 72

    • ChromeDriver 2.46

  • Beanstalkd is no longer running by default. You must manually install Beanstalkd. See Beanstalkd documentation for more information.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • January 17th 2019, 11:00am


More cleanup and upgrades today:

  • We added

    • Ruby 2.6.0

  • We removed Ruby versions that have been EOL for a while

    • Ruby 1.8.7

    • Ruby 1.9.2

    • Ruby 1.9.3

  • We updated Oracle Java 8

    • 8u191 → 8u201

Deprecation: RethinkDB has been removed

  • January 14th 2019, 4:30pm


As part of todays update to the CodeShip Basic build VM, RethinkDB has been removed as a pre-installed option. See the documentation for details on how to manually install it.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • January 14th 2019, 3:00pm


Today we removed IO.js and RethinkDB as well as updated Python 3.6.7 to 3.6.8

Unfortunately, the IO.js website has been taken down and the links we relied on for installing IO.js are gone. As a result of that we had to remove IO.js along with RethinkDB, from the CodeShip Basic build VM.

Deprecation Notice: RethinkDB will be removed Jan 14, 2019

  • January 11th 2019, 2:30pm


RethinkDB is seeing very low usage on CodeShip Basic, so we’ve decided to remove it from the base image. The actual removal will happen on Jan 14, 2019.

It will still be possible to manually install and use RethinkDB by adding a small script to your startup commands. You can find detailed information in the documentation

General Settings Design Refresh

  • January 3rd 2019, 4:00pm


Another page have gotten the make-over treatment! The general project settings page not only looks great, but also makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for.

Screen Shot 2019-01-03 at 11.38.33 AM.png

The general settings page is where you’ll find your various keys and status badges, but also where you can transfer the project to someone else, change the type of project, or even delete it completely.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • December 14th 2018, 4:30pm


It’s been a while since the last update to the Basic Build VM, but we’ve just added PHP 7.3. Note though, that Xdebug is not ready for 7.3 so support for that will have to wait a bit.

We also updated a couple of packages to their newest versions:

  • GCloud CLI →

  • Google App Engine 1.9.67 → 1.9.69

  • ChromeDriver 2.44 → 2.45

  • PHP

    • 5.6.38 → 5.6.39

    • 7.0.32 → 7.0.33

    • 7.1.24 → 7.1.25

    • 7.2.12 → 7.2.13

Team List Design Refresh

  • December 14th 2018, 12:42pm


On our journey to update all parts of CodeShip to a newer, more clean design, we’ve given the team and team member lists a much needed refresh:

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 9.44.05 AM.png

If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out to

Build Groups for CodeShip Basic

  • November 29th 2018, 2:06pm

New Feature

The “build groups” feature, that shows restarted builds grouped together in a single build element, has now been rolled out to all users on CodeShip Basic!

When you restart a build, you will see the previous build run status nested underneath the current build run.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 11.38.02 AM.png

Build Page Design Refresh

  • November 28th 2018, 4:46pm


We are making a light design refresh to the build items on your project pages and your personal dashboards. These should be a little cleaner and a little easier on the eyes now.

Screen Shot 2018-11-29 at 7.30.39 AM.png

Manual Approval Environment Variable

  • November 16th 2018, 12:00pm


We keep improving our recent Manual Approval feature, and this time we’ve added a new environment variable that you can use to check if a build has been approved or not.

On all builds running as a result of a manual approval, we now set the environment variable CI_BUILD_APPROVED to true.

This means that you can write conditional scripts to avoid steps re-running on builds triggered as a result of manual approvals:

if [[ "${CI_BUILD_APPROVED}" == "true" ]]
    echo "This only happens after approval is given"
    echo "And this only happens before approval is given"

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • October 30th 2018, 8:46am


New packages have been added to the CodeShip Basic build VM:

  • NodeJS 11 was added

  • Ruby 2.5.3 was added

  • PHP versions were bumped:

    • 7.1.23 → 7.1.24

    • 7.2.11 → 7.2.12

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • October 29th 2018, 3:31pm


Another week, more updates:

  • Ruby 2.5.3 was added

  • ChromeDriver was updated from 2.41 → 2.43

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • October 19th 2018, 3:14pm


Today we updated a couple of packages:

  • PHP packages were updated

    • 7.1.22 → 7.1.23

    • 7.2.10 → 7.2.11

  • Ruby packages were added

    • 2.3.8

    • 2.4.5

    • 2.5.2

  • Java was updated

    • 8u181 → 8u191

Skip builds in select branches

  • October 19th 2018, 12:54pm

New Feature

Don’t want all your branches to trigger a build? Now you can control what gets build with the new exclude/include filter option

Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 9.55.27 AM.png

The new feature allows you to either specify the branches you don’t want us to build, or just the ones you want us to build. Note though that you have to specify exact branch names.

Handful of small updates

  • October 19th 2018, 12:35pm


We’ve just finished up a short period of house cleaning. It may not all be visible, but it all adds up to a better CodeShip.

Among the updates are:

  • Better error-handling for GitLab CE/EE and GitHub Enterprise

  • More strictly enforced handling of minimum versions of self-hosted SCMs

  • New look and vastly improved performance for teams management

Read more about each of these in the blog post

Updated Role Permissions

  • October 17th 2018, 9:59am


We have made two small updates to our permissions today: Managers are now able to approve builds, and everyone can restart builds.

Since launching the manual approval we’ve received feedback on what could improve that feature, and the one that stands out is that restricting approval to only owners is not flexible enough, so we’ve expanded the permission to users with Manager roles as well.

We’ve also heard that quite a few of you are using the contributor role for regular team members, and not allowing them to restart builds creates an overhead of them requesting build restarts etc. From today, all types of users are able to restart builds.

Improved Slack Notifications

  • October 11th 2018, 4:51pm


We’re happy to announce that today we updated our Slack notifications to be more readable and also have a link to the commit SHA that triggered this build: image::378-fbae877dd7effd368ecd6c4f2b24218dc748c756.png[Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 1.16.40 PM.png] We find the commit link especially useful and have enjoyed being able to jump straight to the commit from the notifications, skipping a number of clicks!

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • October 10th 2018, 3:20pm


Today we updated a couple of packages:

  • GCloud CLI 218.0.0 → 219.0.1

  • GAE Java 1.9.65 → 1.9.66

GitHub migration gem for 100+ projects is available

  • October 3rd 2018, 4:43pm

New Feature

We’re happy to say that for those with more than 100 CodeShip projects, we now have a simple way for you to migrate all your projects at once.

You will need your CodeShip credentials as well as a personal access code from GitHub. It’s all explained in detail here:

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.8.0

  • October 1st 2018, 3:32pm


Another exciting update to the Jet CLI: we added support for leveraging the identitytoken field in your Docker config. Docker config generators which produce configs containing an identity token, rather than a username and password, will authenticate successfully with the target repository. Prior to this change, such authentication flows would result in an authentication failure.

This also reinstates our ability to support platforms such as IBM Cloud.

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • September 26th 2018, 1:50pm


We just updated the integrated AWS deployments to make them use the latest patch version of Python 2.7.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • September 26th 2018, 1:31pm


Today we updated a couple of packages:

  • PHP 5.6.37 → 5.6.38

  • PHP 7.0.31 → 7.0.32

  • PHP 7.1.21 → 7.1.22

  • PHP 7.2.9 → 7.2.10

  • Mono 3.2.8 → 5.14.0

    • Going forward, Mono will be updated when we build a new version of the Basic build VM

Our GitHub Integration has changed

  • September 22nd 2018, 1:00pm


We’re happy to announce that our new GitHub integration (based on GitHub Apps) is now live!

Practically, this means that you will be asked to re-authenticate with GitHub, and that the way you create projects has changed slightly. Take a look at the blog post if you’re interested in how the new flow looks and works.

It also means that you can start migrating projects from the old GitHub integration to the new integration, something that unfortunately requires manual input and needs to be done before January 31, 2019. Please see the blog post linked above for more detail.

Please reach out to us with any questions or issue you might find.

GitHub Integration will change end of September

  • September 7th 2018, 1:14pm


Just a quick heads-up that the way you login to CodeShip with your GitHub account, and the way you create projects, is going to change end of September.

You don’t need to do anything. We just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t be surprised when you’re asked to login with GitHub again, and things look a bit different. We’ll announce a maintenance window for when the changes will roll out.

Please see the blog post for more details about the what, why, and when, and reach out to us with any questions or issue you might find.

Once the changes are rolled out, you can start to migrate your projects to the new GitHub integration. Please do so before January 31st, 2019 or your builds will stop working. It’s fast and easy, but requires manual input on GitHub to allow our new CodeShip App access to your organization.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • August 20th 2018, 7:27pm


Today we updated a couple of PHP minor versions:

  • 7.1.20 → 7.1.21

  • 7.2.8 → 7.2.9

Sudo commands are now available on CodeShip Basic

  • August 17th 2018, 1:18pm

New Feature

We’re happy to announce, that today we made support for sudo commands on CodeShip Basic available for everyone. We’ve tested this in private beta for several months and are confident this will help make you even more productive.

If you have a package that requires root, or other scripts/libraries that need administrative access, you can now add them to your project. There are a few limitations (e.g. no virtualization), but you can read more about that on the documentation page.

Shipscope has been shut down

  • August 17th 2018, 8:34am


As promised, data access for Shipscope has been turned off effective today, August 17. If you have Shipscope installed in Chrome, it will no longer be able to send you alerts about your CodeShip activity.

For fine-grained control of build notifications, update your notification preferences under Project Settings → Notifications. Browser notifications can also be enabled on your Personal Settings page.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • August 15th 2018, 2:30pm


Today we updated a few packages to newer versions:

  • Yarn 1.5.1 → 1.9.4

  • pyenv 1.2.6 → 1.2.7

  • Python 3.4.8 → 3.4.9

  • Python 3.5.5 → 3.5.6

  • Python 3.6.5 → 3.6.6

Good News! You have more time - API v1 will not be turned off until August 23rd

  • August 9th 2018, 5:58pm


When we launched API v2, we also said that we would deprecate v1 on July 1st, 2018. Not everyone was ready for this, so we’ve extended the date for the final deprecation and shutdown for August 23rd, 2018.

On August 23rd, all access to API v1 will be turned off, and you will only be able to access your CodeShip data via the new API v2.

Please do let us know if you need more time or are having migration issues. We’re here to help, and so far all use cases have been covered by API v2.

Deprecation Reminder: Shipscope will stop working Aug 17th

  • August 9th 2018, 5:56pm


The chrome plugin Shipscope has been around for quite some time now and have served lots of users well. Unfortunately, it’s relying on API v1 (which is already deprecated as per July 1st) and with the newer browser notifications (Personal Settings → Notifications) as well as the new flexible notification system, we’ve decided not to try and update Shipscope

Shipscope was marked as deprecated on the Github Repo on June 21st and it’s data access will be turned off August 17, 2018.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • August 8th 2018, 12:10pm


Today we updated a few tools to newer versions:

  • ChromeDriver 2.40 → 2.41

  • Firefox 60.0 → 61.0.1

  • Geckodriver 0.20.1 → 0.21.0

Python 3.3 fully removed

  • August 1st 2018, 4:05am


As mentioned earlier, Python 3.3 was EOL’ed last year. Today we fully removed the packages from the CodeShip Basic build image.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • July 24th 2018, 10:36am


Today we updated the default PHP versions:

  • 5.6.36 → 5.6.37

  • 7.0.30 → 7.0.31

  • 7.1.19 → 7.1.20

  • 7.2.7 → 7.2.8

As well as the default Java 8 version:

  • 8u171 → 8u181

We also updated the Chromedriver version:

  • 2.39 → 2.40

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.7.0

  • July 18th 2018, 3:22pm


The Jet CLI just got a lot easier with v2.7.0! We’ve added a jet completion command to generate bash/zsh completions for Jet. Less typing, more testing.

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

CodeShip Basic and 'set -e'

  • June 27th 2018, 5:28pm

Bug Fix

Issues with shell exits (due to set -e usage) are now handled properly, so they don’t show a build getting stuck, but instead are handled as a normal build failure as you can see here. Checkout the documentation for more detailed information.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • May 31st 2018, 10:09am


Today we updated two packages to newer versions:

  • Updated ChromeDriver to 2.39

  • Updated Gcloud to 202

Delete User

  • May 25th 2018, 12:40pm

New Feature

As part of the work around GDPR compliance we also wanted to allow users to delete their own user profile(s) without having to reach out to support. This is now possible via the Personal Settings view.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.39.54 AM.png

GDPR Compliance

  • May 25th 2018, 11:00am

New Feature

Just like everyone else, we’ve been making sure that we’re GDPR compliant and today we released a few updates related to that.

  • There’s a new documentation article specifically on GDPR, what data we capture, what we use it for, and how to exercise your rights as a user.

  • When you go to the CodeShip UI you will be asked to opt in to capture data on how you use CodeShip. If you’re okay with it, it’ll greatly help us improve CodeShip and will allow us to help you better in the future as well

  • If you want to opt out later (or opt in) the setting is available on your Personal Settings page

  • We’ve also turned off all tracking that wasn’t related to learning about how our users use CodeShip, so no more Facebook, Twitter, etc.

As always let us know if you have any comments, concerns, or questions

Notification on Stopped Build

  • May 23rd 2018, 1:41pm


A small change to our notification module was released today: when you select to be notified about failed builds, we now include stopped builds as part of that notification.


Previously, there we no notifications for stopped builds.

Deprecation Notice: Python 3.3

  • May 21st 2018, 11:00am


Python 3.3 was EOL’ed September last year and is no longer available for us to install. We will be completely removing Python 3.3 from CodeShip Basic on July 12th, 2018.

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.6.0

  • May 16th 2018, 3:22pm


Today we improved the handling of encrypted files generated via jet encrypt. To avoid trying out corrupted files etc., we now include a checksum to verify both file and key integrity. The new version of Jet CLI is v2.6.0.

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

Manual Build Step Approvals

  • May 14th 2018, 12:00pm

New Feature

We just released a brand new feature that has been requested by many of you: the ability to require manual intervention inside a build on CodeShip.

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 12.18.48 PM.png

Starting today, you can require a manual approval for builds to be run on CodeShip Pro. With the addition of manual approval, it’s now easier to keep your deployment environments secure and control who has access to deploy, and when deployments can happen.

To read more about how to use the new feature, head over to the blog post

New for all CodeShip Pro builds

Related builds are now folded into one visual element, so if you restart a build, it’ll show up as part of a build group. Like this:

Screen Shot 2018-05-14 at 9.21.41 AM.png

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • May 14th 2018, 11:58am


Today we updated two packages to newer versions:

  • Updated Firefox to 60.0

  • Updated nvm to 0.33.11

CodeShip API v2 update

  • May 11th 2018, 3:03pm

New Feature

We’ve made a small improvement to the API in that we’re also returning the branch name as part of a build’s payload.


CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • April 27th 2018, 10:16am


This last week have seen a few package updates for CodeShip Basic:

  • Updated ChromeDriver to 2.38

  • Updated geckodriver to 0.20.1

We also added support for Node.js 10

Jet Version 2.5.1 Released

  • April 27th 2018, 10:14am

Bug Fix

Fixes a bug where Jet was not cleaning up containers and networks for services that had a failing healthcheck.

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.5.0

  • April 23rd 2018, 3:22pm


Together with the manual approvals feature, we’ve updated the Jet CLI to v2.5.0 include support for manual approvals.

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

Deletion of Old CodeShip Basic Deployment Templates

  • April 18th 2018, 3:51pm


Some time ago we deprecated a list of deployment templates that was either using old, unsupported scripts or methods, or were simply targeting services that no longer exist (or is in the process of shutting down).

Today we fully removed the code behind the following deployment templates (we checked, on one’s been using them for months, so this shouldn’t really impact you):

  • Capistrano

  • dotCloud

  • Engine Yard

  • Modulus

  • Nodejitsu

New CodeShip Basic App Engine Deployment Template

  • April 18th 2018, 3:43pm

New Feature

The Google App Engine deployment template was replaced today. The old one was based on which is being replaced by the gcloud client, and also didn’t support all the stacks that App Engine supports. Switching to the gcloud client allows us to add support for more stacks (currently go, java, node, php, python, and ruby), and also makes it easier for us to keep it up-to-date when Google updates the gcloud client.

Authentication for the new deployment template have changed as well, where previously we used your google account (via oAuth) to get the needed permissions to deploy your code, the new template uses a Service Account and the JSON object with permissions you can download from the Google Cloud Console. This provides a much better separation between your personal account and your deployments, and also allows you to limit the permissions given to the build server.

If you’re already using the old template, don’t worry, we’ll keep it around for another 3 months time (planned for July 1st, but we’ll monitor your migration to not shut it off too early). This should allow you to continue to deploy while migrating to the new template. Feel free to reach out if you need help migrating.

To learn how to use the new template, head to the documentation.

New CodeShip Basic Heroku Deployment Template

  • April 18th 2018, 2:27pm

New Feature

Today we’ve replaced the old Heroku deployment template with one using the Heroku Platform API. Our old template was using a git-based deployment flow, something Heroku no longer recommends be used, and it also relied on SSH access which we wanted to move away from.

The new deployment template only needs a Heroku API key to work, and will push your build artifacts directly instead of relying on committing them to a repo etc. This could have unexpected side effects though, if you rely on the pristine state of checked in files.

If you have an existing project using the old template, don’t worry, that’ll still be around for another 3 months time (planned for July 1st, but we’ll monitor your migration to not shut it off too early). This should allow you to continue to deploy while migrating to the new template. Feel free to reach out if you need help migrating.

To learn how to use the new template, head to the documentation.

Updated API v2 (incl. breaking change)

  • April 13th 2018, 11:00am


Breaking change

How test and deployment pipelines have been replaced

In the initial version 2.0, the test and deployment pipelines for CodeShip Basic didn’t make it in ( we had to go over some infrastructure changes first to make that work). The good new is that all that’s now fixed and we’ve updated the API to allow full control over a project’s test and deployment pipelines. The bad new is that the previous way we tried to deal with pipelines probably did more harm than good, so we had to remove it. If you ended up using the old method, you’ll have to update your scripts to use the new. Sorry.

Main Take-away

The main thing to note with this release, is that pipelines are more complex than other project properties, and will need to be managed separately. What this means is that you can’t update pipelines together with other project properties; they’ll have to be updated separately.

Further Reading

See the API documentation, for more details.

CodeShip Pro On-fail Steps

  • April 12th 2018, 8:00am

New Feature

We’re excited to announce that we’re releasing on-fail steps to all CodeShip Pro users. This lets you specify steps to run only in the condition in which another step has previously failed. Learn more in the documentation.

CodeShip Pro Build Page Refresh

  • April 12th 2018, 8:00am


Today we are releasing the new CodeShip Pro build page with an easier to use design, better log-following capabilities, log link functionality, and other great tweaks. Learn more in the documentation

Personal Dashboard

  • April 11th 2018, 11:00am

New Feature

It just got a lot easier to find your own builds! We’re happy to announce that we’ve released a new personal dashboard which shows you all your builds, across every organization you’re a part of.

There’s more details in the Personal Dashboard blog post but the three main things to note are:

  1. Quickly find all your latest builds as soon as you login to CodeShip

  2. What was previously called "Dashboard" is now called "Builds". Nothing else has changed there, it still shows you a list of all builds from the selected organization

  3. If you don’t see any builds on your dashboard (you’ll know if that’s the case) you might need to go to the Connected Services page and add your git usernames for each of the git services you’re using.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • April 4th 2018, 1:48pm


Over the last week or so we’ve added, updated, and removed a few packages from the CodeShip Basic build image:

  • Added Node.js 9

  • Updated nvm to 0.33.8

  • Updated Yarn to 1.5.1

  • Added Ruby versions 2.2.10, 2.3.7, 2.4.4, and 2.5.1

  • Removed old Ruby versions 2.1.0, 2.1.1, 2.1.2, 2.1.3, 2.1.4, 2.1.5, 2.2.0, 2.2.1, 2.2.2, 2.2.3, 2.2.4, and 2.2.5

  • Removed SlimerJS and CasperJS (See the documentation for how to manually install)

Postgres 9.2 is fully deprecated

  • March 28th 2018, 11:00am


Postgres 9.2 has been fully deprecated and remove from CodeShip Basic.

Additionally, Postgres 10 is now listening to port 5432 which makes it the new default database. Postgres 9.3+ is still available, and continue to listen to the same ports as before.

PostgreSQL 10 on CodeShip Basic

  • February 22nd 2018, 11:30am


PostgreSQL 10.2 is now available pre-installed on CodeShip Basic!

It’s listening to port 5437, so depending on your setup you might need to make a small change to switch to 10.2. The CodeShip Documentation has more details on how to do that.

During testing, a very small number of users (2-4) experienced issues with older versions of the Python PostgreSQL client psycopg2. These older versions used a string-comparison to try and work out the PostSQL version number, and didn’t account for a 10.x version. To resolve this issue, you’ll need to upgrade psycopg2 to version 2.7 or higher.

Note: PostgreSQL 10.2 will change port number when PostgreSQL 9.2 is fully deprecated. After March 29, 2018 the default port for 10.2 will be 5432


  • February 22nd 2018, 11:00am


PostgreSQL 9.2 officially reached it’s End-of-Life (EOL) (see the PostgreSQL site for details) which means that we will remove it from the CodeShip Basic build image on March 29, 2018.

Since PostgreSQL 9.2 is currently running on port 5432, we will move PostgreSQL 10.2 from 5437 to 5432 to make 10.2 the new default. This should have minimal impact on users as PostgreSQL are generally very well backwards compatible, but we encourage you to try out 10.2 before March 29, 2018 to avoid any unexpected surprises.

Static IP Addresses

  • February 21st 2018, 11:00am

New Feature

The final piece of the CodeShip Enterprise hybrid cloud CI/CD feature set, static IP addresses, is generally available as of today.

With our static IP addresses feature, it’s now much easier to grant CodeShip infrastructure access to internal systems in a limited way. Once the feature is enabled, all you need to do is open your firewall for traffic from eight fixed IP addresses.

Get more details on how to enable it, and which IP addresses you can allow, from the documentation.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • February 16th 2018, 2:41pm


CodeShip Basic have been updated with new versions:

  • Oracle Java 8 is now

  • Git is now 2.15.0

  • Chromedriver is now 2.35

Two Factor Authentication

  • February 14th 2018, 12:00pm

New Feature

We’re excited to announce that as of today you can use Two Factor Authentication (aka 2FA) on your CodeShip account!

2FA increases security on your account by requiring a unique code that only your mobile phone can generate. The code is only needed when you login from a new computer or if you haven’t logged in for a while, so it’s not as big a hassle as it might sound.

You can read more about it here: Two-Factor Authentication which also includes a few suggestions for authenticator apps you can check out.

Service Config Builder

  • February 6th 2018, 9:04pm


At CodeShip, we created an experimental tool to help you build your project’s configuration files.

This tool will help you to build the following files:

  • codeship-services.yml where you configure each service you need to run your CI/CD builds with CodeShip.

  • codeship-steps.yml contains all the Steps for your CI/CD process.

You can find the builder here -

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.4.0

  • February 5th 2018, 3:22pm


Today we updated the Jet CLI to v2.4.0 to add the ability to use template variables such as {{.Branch}} as service build arguments

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.3.0

  • January 30th 2018, 3:22pm


As part of the Healthchecks feature, we also updated the Jet CLI to v2.3.0 to include support for Healthchecks.

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

Engine Yard Deployment Script Fix

  • January 30th 2018, 12:13pm

Bug Fix

Users were experiencing the following error message when using Engine Yard deployment script on CodeShip Basic:

/home/rof/.rvm/rubies/ruby-2.1.7/lib/ruby/site_ruby/2.1.0/rubygems.rb:271:in `find_spec_for_exe': can't find gem engineyard (>= 0.a) (Gem::GemNotFoundException)

The scripts have been updated to fix the issue. If you see any other items, visit or email

Healthchecks Support

  • January 30th 2018, 11:00am

New Feature

Today we are announcing support for healthchecks with CodeShip Pro!

Healthchecks solve the problem Pro customers experience when making sure a step doesn’t run until a particular container is ready.

Read more about service configuration here - Services Configuration

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.2.0

  • January 23rd 2018, 11:46am


Together with the depends_on feature, we added a jet update function to the Jet CLI v2.2.0

This command will let you natively and quickly update your installed Jet CLI version.

Read the documentation here - Jet update

Checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for more details.

depends_on Support

  • January 23rd 2018, 11:40am


CodeShip Pro users can now control dependency boot order during builds using depends_on within codeship-services.yml file. Let’s face it - we are all really excited about this one too.

For additional background on the change, read the blog post here -

Read more about service configuration here - Services Configuration

depends_on is also available in the Jet CLI v2.2.0. checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for more details.

Bitbucket Server Support

  • January 17th 2018, 10:30am

New Feature

CodeShip supports Bitbucket Server. You can now support your organization’s security policies without the overhead of managing CI/CD servers or a locally-installed CodeShip.

Your builds will run in the cloud on our build machines while hosting your code on your private Bitbucket Server instance.

CodeShip never stores your source code. Take a look at our security policy to learn more.

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.1.0

  • January 16th 2018, 9:20am


Today we are launching Jet CLI v2.1.0 with two new functions: cleanup and validate.

  • With jet cleanup, any leftover containers, networks, and all other Docker build artifacts of your local build run are removed.

  • You can use the jet validate command to verify that your files are configured correctly and ready to be used.

See the documentation for Jet CLI for more details or checkout the full list of Jet CLI release notes for other updates.

Notification Descriptions

  • January 12th 2018, 10:30am


We have added an optional description field to notification’s to help you identify similar notifications in the UI when they serve different purposes, e.g. multiple webhooks that push to different IFTTT accounts.


CodeShip Go API Client

  • January 10th 2018, 12:10pm

New Feature

We are happy to announce that the CodeShip API now has Golang support with our newest client. The client will assist with authentication, requests, pagination, and logging.

The client is open source, and you can find it on Github, with the documentation on

CodeShip Jet CLI 2.0

  • January 8th 2018, 1:45pm

New Feature

Today we released a major upgrade of our Jet CLI bumping it to v2.0.

The entire CLI have been re-written from the ground up to be more robust, stable, expandable, etc. so going forward we will be able to release new features more quickly.

The first new thing has already been added to this version, which is "Isolated networks for steps". This means each step gets it’s own private network, ensuring that there’s no accidental overlap of services between steps.

Checkout the full list of release notes for more details.

Containers Now on Isolated Networks

  • January 4th 2018, 11:54am

New Feature

All containers now start on isolated, default networks! This means all containers are bidirectionally discoverable by default, and aggressive service discovery cannot create unintended port conflicts.

Warning: Host port mapping will be deprecated on January 31st.

We’ve also substantially refactored the code that powers CodeShip Pro and our Jet CLI. You can read the first post in an upcoming series detailing these changes right here.

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • December 20th 2017, 2:02pm


  • Added Ruby 2.2.9, 2.3.6 and 2.4.3

  • Added Python 3.3.7

  • Mercurial client updated to 4.4.1

CodeShip Pro Utility Updates

  • December 20th 2017, 1:53pm


AWS Utilities

Azure Utilities

GitHub Enterprise Support

  • December 20th 2017, 9:47am

New Feature

CodeShip supports GitHub Enterprise. You can now support your organization’s security policies without the overhead of managing CI/CD servers or a locally-installed CodeShip.

Your builds will run in the cloud on our build machines while hosting your code on your private GitHub Enterprise instance.

CodeShip never stores your source code. Take a look at our security policy to learn more.

CodeShip Pro Utility Updates

  • December 15th 2017, 12:00pm


Google Cloud Utilities

GCloud CLI to version 183.0.0

AWS Utilities

AWS CLI to version 1.14.9.

Self Hosted GitLab Supported

  • December 13th 2017, 9:30am

New Feature

CodeShip supports self-hosted GitLab CE and EE. You can now support your organization’s security policies without the overhead of managing CI/CD servers or a locally-installed CodeShip.

Your builds will run in the cloud on our build machines while hosting your code on your private GitLab instance.

CodeShip never stores your source code. Take a look at our security policy to learn more.

CodeShip supports the following GitLab products:


  • GitLab CE

  • GitLab EE

CodeShip Basic Build VM

  • December 6th 2017, 2:30pm


CodeShip Basic now supports Java 9 and PHP 7.2.

PHP Docs - PHP

Java Docs - Java And The JVM

For a full listing of updated packages included in codeship Basic, visit CloudBees CodeShip Basic package list

Azure Container Service Deployments

  • December 6th 2017, 1:58pm

New Feature

To make it easy for you to deploy your application to Azure Container Service, we’ve built deployment images that have the Azure Container Service CLI installed and configured for use in the CI/CD process.

You will simply need to add one of the Azure deployment images as a service in your codeship-services.yml file so that you can run the commands you need.

CodeShip API v2 Is Now Out of Beta

  • December 5th 2017, 12:18pm

New Feature

After a few months in public beta and handling close to a million requests a month, including requests from some of our biggest customers, we’re excited to announce that we’ve ripped the beta label off of our new API.

We’ve been very satisfied with the performance and stability of the API, and we’d like to invite you to start using it to automate your own workflows.

To read more about these workflows, read this blog post.

If you would like to join the API discussion, meet us in the #api channel in the CodeShip Slack Community -

CodeShip Basic Script Updates

  • December 4th 2017, 12:39pm


Here are a few recent updates for CodeShip Basic we thought you’d be interested in:

If you have any questions about the latest updates feel free to contact

Updated Org Settings Page

  • November 30th 2017, 10:14am


Not to be out done by the account page updates of earlier this week, the organization settings page looks shiny and new as well.

You can locate the new page by navigating to the Settings page of any org where you are an owner.

Screenshot 2017-11-30 15.02.37.png

New Look for Account Pages

  • November 27th 2017, 3:35pm


Today, we gave some of our account pages an updated look, to bring them up-to-date with our new application design.

It’s like a fresh haircut, only with 1’s and 0’s.

Reset AES Key

  • November 22nd 2017, 12:03pm


On CodeShip Pro projects, it is now possible to reset your AES key.

If you need to reset your AES key you can do so by visiting Project Settings > General and clicking Reset project AES key.


New Billing Page

  • November 22nd 2017, 11:24am


We are excited about changes to our billing page. Not only does it look better, but now it is easier for you to manage your credit card and billing info in one place!

  • Update billing address and credit card independently

  • All information on one page


Changes in Available Deployments

  • November 21st 2017, 9:02pm


The following have been removed from the list of available deployments:

  • Capistrano

  • Engine Yard

  • NodeJitsu

Deployments set up with these services will continue to run for the customers who have them configured, however, new deployments will no longer be available.

You can continue to use the Custom Scripts functionality, for these, or any other unsupported services:

Deploy With Capistrano

Deploy To Engine Yard

Self-Hosted Source Control Management Docs

  • November 21st 2017, 11:30am


CodeShip supports self-hosted Git repositories for the Github Enterprise, Gitlab Community Edition, Gitlab Enterprise and Bitbucket Server products.

This is a beta feature and you will need to contact us and request access.

Elixir Example

  • November 20th 2017, 11:30am


We have a sample Phoenix project that you can clone or take a look at via the GitHub Phoenix Quickstart with CodeShip Pro repository. This may make a good starting point for your Phoenix or Elixir-based projects.

Atatus Integration Docs

  • November 15th 2017, 11:30am


Atatus lets you monitor performance and track errors related to your web and back-end applications in real-time. During your continuous deployment workflow with CodeShip Pro, you can record your deployments in Atatus

Depfu Integration Docs

  • November 14th 2017, 11:30am


Depfu automates updating your dependencies so you spend less time keeping your app up-to-date and secure.

Reset SSH Key

  • November 8th 2017, 12:03pm


On CodeShip Basic projects, it is now possible to reset your SSH key.

If you need to reset your SSH key, you can do so by visiting Project Settings > General and clicking Reset project SSH Key.


Added TigerVNC Install Script

  • October 24th 2017, 11:26am


Install TigerVNC -

This script is meant to be run on CodeShip during a SSH debug session

To run this script during debug run the following command:

\curl -sSL | bash -s


  • October 20th 2017, 9:51am


CodeShip Basic

  • Add libc-client2007e-dev package for PHP imap support

Restart Single Pipelines

  • October 17th 2017, 3:34pm


CodeShip Basic

You can now restart a single pipeline that has failed instead of restarting the entire build.

The feature is only available on pipelines that have failed (whether due to test failure or system failure) and can be triggered by clicking on the icon in the pipeline tab.

  • October 12th 2017, 3:00am

New Feature

Get to the changelog directly from the application under the support dropdown.


Heroku Deployment

  • October 11th 2017, 9:53am


CodeShip Pro

  • Use generic Docker login script when using the Heroku Docker Registry wrapper

  • Move the deployment container into the deployment subfolder

Runscope Integration Docs

  • October 6th 2017, 11:30am


Runscope is an API testing and monitoring tool that can be used with continuous integration and delivery services like CodeShip to test and validate your web applications.

Docker Version Updates

  • October 6th 2017, 9:39am


CodeShip Pro

We have upgraded the CodeShip Pro Docker version to now use the Docker Edge Release 17.09.

Weekly Utility Updates

  • October 2nd 2017, 7:02am


CodeShip Pro

CodeShip Basic

RabbitMQ Admin

You can now install RabbitMQ Admin via CodeShip Scripts.

To include RabbitMQ Admin, run the following command:

curl -sSL | bash -s

API Public Beta Launch

  • September 27th 2017, 10:49am

New Feature

For this initial release, we’ve focused on a couple of the most requested scenarios:

Custom dashboards - Combine CodeShip data with data from other systems in your own dashboard.

Project automation - Fully automate the setup and configuration of projects, by using templates and/or auto-create projects when new repos are added.

Build triggering - Start/stop/restart builds based on your own custom logic.

Chaining projects - Automatically trigger builds on downstream projects. By focusing on these as starters, we were able to get the API in your hands faster and at the same time provide a lot of value right away.

In terms of specific endpoints, these goals mean that we now have create, read, and update for projects as well as create, read, and trigger builds. Each of the endpoints are described in more detail in the API documentation.

New Authentication and Authorization Models We’ve also revamped the authentication logic compared to v1 of the API. Instead of an API key, we now use short-lived tokens. Instead of a single API key that gives access to everything, v2 now relies on the teams and roles, inside the CodeShip account, of the authenticating user. Read more about authentication in the API documentation.

To join the beta, sign up for the CodeShip Community Slack #API channel.

Centralized team management for all accounts

  • August 18th 2017, 6:00pm

New Feature

We enabled all plans and centralized team management for everyone by migrating your Personal Account to an Organization account (for free) on Aug 19th, 2017.

We believe that CI is for teams. Centralized team management and permission management is of highest importance for that. After receiving a lot of feedback, we decided to sunset our concept of Personal Accounts on Aug 19th, 2017 and are migrating all accounts to be “Organization” accounts with access to all subscription plans including the free plan, as well as centralized team management.

In short: Centralized management of teams, permissions and projects

10 will be available for all accounts from on Aug 19th, 2017, onwards.

What happened?

At sign up, all new accounts created will be Organization Accounts, that have access to centralized team management and all available plans including the free plan from Aug 19th, 2017, onwards.

If you already have an account created prior Aug 19th, 2017, we are migrated your Personal Account to an Organization Account, which gives you access to all plans and centralized team management for free.

It does not have any impact on your subscription, plan and price, your invoices, or your applied discounts.

Browser Notifications

  • August 11th 2017, 3:00am

New Feature

We have added the ability to send browser notifications to alert you when builds are complete. This feature is available in the user Account Settings.


CodeShip Launches Flexible Notifications

  • July 11th 2017, 4:54am

New Feature

We’re excited to announce the latest updates to our notifications settings. Our notification services are now much more flexible, allowing more customization for your team.

Our users will now have the ability to:

  • configure one or more notification services to trigger on specific branch events

  • Add more services (Slack, HipChat, a webhook) under the same branch or branches

  • Select what type of events will trigger a notification

  • Remove email notifications from a project or branch

Check out our documentation to learn more.

Recent UI Updates

  • May 23rd 2017, 3:06am


  • Moved Projects Overview page into virtual page to significantly decrease page load time resulting in faster navigation.

  • Added Keyboard shortcuts for fast navigation between projects.

  • On pages except /projects/ page:

    • Go to /projects page: gp

  • On /projects page:

    • Return from to previous page: ESC

    • Navigation between projects: arrow keys

    • Selection of active project: Enter

Organization Dashboard

  • We merged the Basic and Pro builds into one list resulting in one list that chronologically orders all your accounts builds in one list based on when the builds were triggered.

  • Additionally, this enabled us to be able to remove the header and gain more space for your builds resulting in more builds shown on that page.

Project Dashboard and Build Detail View

  • We removed the big header and changed it to a smaller bar that shows the project you are on resulting in more vertical space for your projects builds or build steps on the build detail view.

If you are ready to opt back into the new CodeShip UI, you can do so by logging into your account, clicking on your Avatar in the top right and clicking the button that says, 'Switch to new UI'. On Tuesday, June 20th we will move all users to the new design and remove the option to opt out.

If you have further feedback on the UI or UX of the CodeShip Application, please leave feedback via or email We carefully review all user feedback. Recently we released a new UI and UX for our build related pages with the goal to have a clean and more consistent design across those pages. Additionally, those changes lay the groundwork for upcoming improvements and iterations.

Improved Python Version Management and Caching on Basic

  • May 10th 2017, 3:06am

New Feature

We’re excited to announce that we’ve improved version management and caching for Python. You don’t need to change anything right now for existing projects, but you may need to update your configuration to make use of the new functionality.

Read more about what is new in our blog post as well as the updated documentation on python support.

Docker Version Update for CodeShip Pro

  • March 21st 2017, 4:06am


Today we updated the Docker version used our CodeShip Pro product from 1.13 to 17.03.1.

Status Update: CodeShip Basic Builds

  • March 16th 2017, 4:06am


Due to ongoing work to improve our underlying infrastructure for CodeShip Basic your build times might be running slightly slower than usual. We are currently evaluating how to improve reliability. Please reach out to us at if you are adversely affected so we can assess the situation and assist.

Volumes in CodeShip Pro: Notice of Upcoming Breaking Changes

  • March 8th 2017, 3:06am


CodeShip will be updating our CodeShip Pro build machines to Docker 1.13 on March 29th, 2017. This update could cause some breaking changes to existing Docker workflows, which means some users will need to update their code:

  • Users will need to ensure directories exist before mounting them due to the fact that if a directory doesn’t exist, you will receive a build error because of a change to the way Docker handles mount points during the container creation process.

  • CodeShip will also deprecate support for absolute paths for mounting volumes. As the hosts are ephemeral, you should not rely on the existence of certain directories. To avoid errors, we recommend you change your paths to be relative within the scope of your repository. You can check out our documentation on getting started with Docker volumes here

Here is an example of a change that you may need to make:


  image: busybox
    - /tmp:/artifacts


  image: busybox
    - ./tmp:/artifacts

Please make sure these changes are made before March 29th, 2017.

If you have to take action, you will see warnings in your service build logs, once you have upgraded to Jet v1.17.0. You can search for the string CODESHIP WARNING to see the warning and details about specific volumes that are affected.

You can see the original code changes to the Docker project here and also check out our documentation. To learn more about Docker 1.13, check out our blog post "What’s New in Docker 1.13". If you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to reach out!

API Documentation Updates

  • March 7th 2017, 3:06am


Today we’re excited to announce that as part of our efforts to upgrade our existing API, we have consolidated all API documentation into one location (Overview). The goal of our continued work on updating our API is to be able to support both CodeShip Basic and CodeShip Pro, as well as provide a richer API with more functionality.

With today’s changes, the documentation is now easier to use and you’ll have the ability to try out the API before implementing it into your workflow.

You can learn more about the CodeShip API and various use cases by reading our documentation article: Overview

Update AMI Package : Yarn v0.19.1

  • February 13th 2017, 3:06am


We have updated our AMI Packages for CodeShip Basic to include Yarn v0.19.1.

You can read the full list of packages here: CloudBees CodeShip Basic package list

Step Duration for Pro Builds

  • February 7th 2017, 3:06am

New Feature

CodeShip has released Step Duration for Builds as a new feature on CodeShip Pro. The new step duration will allow Pro users to know the step durations on their builds and enable more efficient workflow setups. Users do not have to do change anything in their setup to see this UI/UX update.

Note that this update will affect data from the time of the release and forward. This update will not show for past data, from before the feature release.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback via or email

Docker Build Args Available for CodeShip Pro

  • January 11th 2017, 3:06am

New Feature

CodeShip has released build arguments as a new feature for builds running on CodeShip Pro. Build arguments are environment variables accessible only during the image build process. For any service in your CodeShip Pro build, you can use both unencrypted and encrypted build arguments.

You can learn more about the feature and various use cases within our documentation: Build Arguments as well as from the Docker website:

The feature is available to use within Docker Compose features, as we expand our offerings within Docker. Please let us know of any other Docker Compose features you would like to see us release.