CloudBees Template Plugin 3.6

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RELEASED: Public: 2012-11-17

New features

Reload from Disk /templates.

Support Windows batch scripts for Groovy variable transformer.

[ZD-1450] Introduce new shell builder using Groovy predefinitions plus a plain shell script.

Resolved issues

NPE from EntityModel.getValue; improving null safety.

JDK 5 compatibility.

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-1350

    Single Describable object‚ appears twice.

  • JENKINS-15604

    Refined JENKINS-15604 workaround.

[ZD-5928] Configuring a template-based job should require just job configure permission, not overall configure. Regression from security fix in 3.5.1.

Introduced StaticModelTransformer to fix a class hierarchy design flaw.

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-1450

    [RM-1450] At least offer a more helpful explanation in case an escape character was forgotten.

Use MarkupFormatter for all user-defined help text.

Create human-readable IDs for models, extracted from the initial display name. Makes URLs and XML configuration prettier and easier to debug.

Do not pass -x to /bin/sh when running these builders. The user of a builder template does not necessarily want to see everything it is doing, and the designed of such a template does not necessarily want to user to know either. GroovyVariableShellScriptTransformer is especially noisy when -x is used. JENKINS-14731 has some general discussion for the case of hudson.tasks.Shell.

Partial support for previewing inline help/descriptions.

Check syntax of Groovy script.

Better help and messages

Known issues