CloudBees Template Plugin 3.8

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RELEASED: Public: 2013-03-05

New features

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-1124

    "Import project" button to more conveniently load prototype configuration XML.

[ZD-7414] Render item selector control as a dropdown rather than a textbox.

A Transformer should be in its own section to distinguish it from attributes.

[ZD-7735] Drag headers and Delete button for options in a choice attribute.

Resolved issues

[ZD-8074] Using POST method for all textarea form validations to avoid request URI length overruns.

[ZD-7994] “Single describable object” control did not work for concrete classes such as SCMTrigger, only for their supertypes.

Restriction of items to a job template type was not working.

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-1345

    [RM-1345] Permissions not reliably loaded at startup. Also adding/editing descriptions.

Known issues