CloudBees Role-Based Access Control Plugin 3.9

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RELEASED: Public: 2013-06-14

New features

Upgraded base version of Jenkins to 1.466 LTS

Resolved issues

The system identities should be resolved as members of a group even if there is a sibling group which coincidentally has the same name as one of the system identities

Differentiate between invalid and unknown members of a group where we are in a position to give a definitive answer based on the results of querying the security realm

Broken link when external group name included a slash.

Avoid showing details of roles if Role.VIEW not granted.

Do not display links to roles or groups that the user is not permitted to view. Also do not display permissions coming from a role if the user would not be permitted to view that role.

Setting the group description should only require Manage, not Configure.

Multiple JS errors prevented inline “add user/group” link from working correctly.

  • CloudBees Internal Ticket: RM-1727

    Role details page should show permission descriptions

Known issues