CloudBees Role-Based Access Control Plugin 5.8

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RELEASED: Public: 2016-09-08

New features


Resolved issues

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-5263

Hide the descriptor of NodeProxyGroupContainer

Known issues

CloudBees Internal Ticket: CJP-4979

When CJOC is enforcing the Role Based Access Control authorization strategy on client controllers, the Groups detail screens on client controllers will include two "Inherited from Jenkins" sections. The top-most section refers to the current controller (which is a "Jenkins" but should be referred to as the connected controller name shown in the breadcrumb bar) and the lowest "Inherited from Jenkins" section refers to CJOC (which is a "Jenkins"). The visual display of the information is less confusing when the controllers have been organized using folders on CJOC as then the two "Inherited from Jenkins" sections are visually separated by the folders