Operations Center Server Plugin

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RELEASED: Public: 2019-01-05

New features

  • Operations Center Sublicensing

Upgraded Jenkins LTS from 2.89 to 2.107.1-cb-3

[CORE-1344] Push a notification to all masters when a user’s seed is renewed

This allows all masters to invalidate all sessions for a user when they are invalidated on CJOC

[CORE-1344] Newer core version to support seed renewal APIs

  • Release Notes

    Upgraded Operations Center Context Plugin from to

Upgraded jenkins-core from 2.107.2-cb-1 to 2.107.37-cb-2

  • Jenkins LTS 2.107.37-cb-2

    Upgraded Jenkins LTS from 2.107.2-cb-1 to 2.107.37-cb-2

Resolved issues


Known issues