CloudBees changelog

The CloudBees changelog lists every update to the platform.

CloudBees platform updates

Released: 2023-11-01

Public release of CloudBees platform Release

“The way to begin is to begin” - Eleanor Roosevelt

CloudBees platform updates

Released: 2023-09-14

New StackHawk DAST action New action

You can now scan a web application with the StackHawk dynamic application security testing (DAST) scanner.

Conditionals now supported in workflow steps New feature

You can now use the `if` conditional in steps in workflow YAML files. CloudBees conditional syntax is identical to GHA syntax.

New users now added correctly Bug fix

New users are now added to the default team of an organization.

Constrain memory and CPU limits Performance

Memory and CPU limits for jobs are now constrained to 6 GB of memory and 1500m (millicpu), to maintain operations reliability.

Constrain workspace size Performance

The workspace size is now constrained explicitly to 10 GB, to maximize performance.

CVE-2023-39533 Security fix

Updated to patch releases and use the updated Go compiler, to protect against malicious peer use of large RSA keys to run a resource exhaustion attack, and force a node to spend time doing signature verification of the large key.