make annotation tag

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Represents a single make instance within the build: either the top-level emake or electrify invocation itself, or the invocation of a recursive make within the build.



The command-line used to invoke the make instance.


The effective working directory of the make invocation, after application of command-line options like -C (in gmake emulation mode).


For builds performed in gmake-emulation mode, the depth of recursion of this make instance relative to the top-level emake invocation. For example, the top-level invocation has level 0, while submakes invoked by jobs in that make instance will have level 1.


The type of make emulation used in the make instance. One of gmake3.79.1, gmake3.80, gmake3.81, or gmake3.82; symbian; cygwin; nmake7 or nmake8; devenv; or external (for electrify).


The original working directory in which emake or electrify was invoked, prior to the application of any command-line options like -C. If this is the same as the effective working directory then this attribute is omitted from the annotation.