CloudBees Build Acceleration Error messages

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This guide lists and describes common error messages in CloudBees Build Acceleration. This guide is release-independent; therefore, it contains messages for all CloudBees Build Acceleration releases as of the date of publication of this guide.

This guide also provides troubleshooting information for each message. Certain messages might have several possible causes or more than one solution.

The following chapters in this guide are organized by CloudBees Build Acceleration component (for example, the Cluster Manager component). Each chapter contains sections for error messages that are related to that component. For more information about the various components, refer to the CloudBees Build Acceleration documentation.

The section for an error message contains the following information:

  • Synopsis — Brief description of the error.

  • Description — Expanded description of the error (including background information that might help determine the cause).

  • Reasons — Likely or possible causes.

  • Fixes — Suggested action or steps to recover from problems caused by the error.