waitingJobs annotation tag

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This tag gives a list of jobs that had to wait for this job to complete before they could start. This can be used to reconstruct the dependency graph for the build, though you must be mindful of the following constraints:

  • If the set of waiting jobs for a job is completely predictable, emake does not include those jobs in annotation. For example, every job in a make instance must wait for the parse job to finish; therefore, none of those jobs appear in the waiting jobs list for the parse job.

  • The waiting jobs list may contain duplicate entries.

  • The waiting jobs list may contain backwards references.

Because of these nuances, the easiest way to produce the dependency graph from the data in an annotation file is to use annolib or CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight.

This element is only present if the annotation detail includes waiting.



List of identifiers for jobs that had to wait for this job.


The type of dependencies represented in the tag. One of:

  • internal: the dependencies represent dependencies that emake inserted for structural reasons.

  • external: the default value; indicates that the dependencies were extracted from explicit makefile dependencies or represent history dependencies discovered in previous builds.