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ERROR EC1048: No agents available; aborting build.


emake was invoked with the --emake-cluster-timeout option, but no agents matching the build requirements were found before the timeout elapsed.


This error could be triggered by a variety of conditions. For example:

  • There may be an error in the resource specification for the build.

  • All available agents may be in use by other builds.

  • The cluster may not have any agents, or may not have any operational agents.

  • The cluster may not have enough available matching agents to satisfy the minimum agent requirement for the build.

  • The timeout duration may be too short.


As there are a variety of possible causes for this error, there are a variety of possible remediations:

  • Verify that there are agents connected to the cluster and in working order.

  • Check for errors in the resource specification for the build.

  • Check that the resource definition matches some agents.

  • Verify that emake and the agents are of the same platform (Windows or Linux).

  • Check the minimum agent settings for the build.

  • Check whether there are enough agents to meet the aggregate minimum requirement of all running builds that use the same resource as the failed build.

  • Increase the timeout duration.

  • Remove the --emake-cluster-timeout option from the command-line, which will cause emake to wait indefinitely for agents.

In addition, if using cloudburst agents:

  • Check the cloudburst settings in the resource definition.

  • Verify that the agents are configured for on-demand usage.