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ERROR EC1109: Parse protocol version mismatch: the protocol used by this emake is newer than the version used by the remote parse emake. Upgrade the agents, or install a backwards compatibility pack on the agents (local emake has version [MM], remote emake has [NN])


During a cluster build, the emake client program—​the program that you usually run directly—​asks a remote copy of the same program to parse makefiles. The results of that parse are sent back over your network.

But if the format of that parse result is older than what the emake client expects, then the emake client will report this error.


Normally the agent selects a remote emake program with the same version as the emake client (even if you recursively invoke emake indirectly through some kind of wrapper script).

But you may have run an emake client that is newer than any of the versions of the emake program that is available on that particular agent host. In this case, the agent uses one of the versions of emake that it does have—​which might or might not be compatible.

This message could also occur if you have used an undocumented option to override the logic in the agent that chooses a compatible version of emake.


On that agent host, check in the architecture subdirectory of the agent installation directory for a subdirectory whose name exactly matches the version of your emake client. If no exact match is present, then choose one of the following options or contact support:

  • Look at the other directories named for CloudBees Build Acceleration versions. Pick the most recent version and use that version of emake client.

  • Upgrade all agent hosts in the cluster with an installer for the same version of CloudBees Build Acceleration as your emake client. Note that the agent installer will keep the version-specific directories already present, so that older emake clients can continue to use those agents.

  • If you have been given a special version of emake without an installer, then it may have come with a Backward Compatibilty Package (BCP) to be installed on agents. A BCP would provide a partial upgrade: just an additional version-specific directory, without any change to the core agent software. Contact support if you received an emake program without an installer, a BCP, or instructions for how to modify the command line to select a compatible emake program.

But if the agent host already has a directory whose name exactly matches the version of your emake client, then look for undocumented options that override the choice of emake made by the agent. Alter those options as necessary, or contact support.