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ERROR EC1110: Agent protocol version mismatch: the protocol used by emake is older than the oldest version supported by agent [agent]. Upgrade emake (emake has version [MM], agent has [NN]).


Electric Make uses a custom network protocol to communicate with agents in the CloudBees Build Acceleration cluster. In order that the protocol may safely evolve over time to support new features or to fix defects, the protocol is versioned. This error indicates that your version of emake is older than the agent indicated in the message.

The emake/agent protocol is versioned independently of the CloudBees Build Acceleration product version. It is common for the emake/agent protocol version to remain unchanged across multiple product versions of CloudBees Build Acceleration. In addition, the agent generally supports a wide range of emake/agent protocol versions, so that older versions of emake will work with newer agents, though the converse is not true. If you see this message it means that your version of emake is outide the range of versions supported by the agent.


This error occurs when your version of Electric Make is incompatible with the version of CloudBees Build Acceleration agents installed on the named cluster. Some common causes of this error are:

  • The wrong cluster manager was specified when invoking emake.

  • The wrong build resource was specified when invoking emake, or the build resource is configured to include incompatible agents.

  • The wrong build class was specified when invoking emake, or the build class is configured to use a build resource which includes incompatible agents.

  • Your emake client has been upgraded but the agent software has not yet been upgraded.

  • You are testing a “hot patch” of the agent which is incompatible with the version of emake you’ve invoked.


Verify your cluster manager, build resource and build class settings. If these are correct, then you must either upgrade the emake, or downgrade the agents to avoid this error.