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ERROR EC1150: Unable to invoke emake from stub: [error]


The emake stub is a CloudBees Build Acceleration component used to detect recursive make invocations during a distributed build. Normally it only collects information about the recursive make invocation for deferred processing later and does nothing more. However, in some cases the stub determines that emake should be invoked directly, for example when EMAKE_BUILD_MODE=local is set in the environment before the recursive make is started. In those cases, the stub will attempt to transparently invoke emake itself. Error EC1150 indicates that a problem occurred when the stub tried to run emake. The error text provides additional detail from the operating system about the cause of the failure.


The error information from the operating system should provide guidance as to the root cause of the failure; however, since the set of possible causes is vast, it’s not possible to provide specific guidance here.


Generally this error indicates a problem with the installation of CloudBees Build Acceleration on the cluster host from which the error originated. An annotation file can help you determine which specific agent ran the stub which produced this result. Then you should try uninstalling and reinstalling CloudBees Build Acceleration on that host.