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WARNING EC1181: Your license does not permit…


Your license does not permit the action described.


Check the details of the message for clues about what is wrong.

The most common reason is that your build requested JobCache, but at that moment too many other builds were still using JobCache. JobCache licenses limit the maximum number of concurrent builds that may use that add-on.


First of all, check whether you actually wish to perform the action described. If not, then simply avoid requesting it, or ignore the warning with --emake-hide-warning=EC1181.

If you have a Cluster Manager license for the requested action, then ensure that it has been stored in the Cluster Manager.

If the message concerns JobCache, then check the “JobCache License Allocation” report in the Cluster Manager to see how your license is being allocated to various builds. You may wish to purchase a higher limit on the number of concurrent builds using JobCache.

The emake client program itself may read a license file. If you have such a license file, and it should authorize the action described in the message, then make sure that your license file is installed in the correct location. If the top directory of the emake client installation is TOP, then by default an emake client with architecture ARCH reads licenses from:


Check whether your license has expired. Check whether you are trying to use it at the wrong site.

If you believe that CloudBees Build Acceleration is finding your licenses, and that those licenses should permit the requested action, but you still see this message, then contact support to discuss which licenses are required and how to obtain them.