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ERROR EC1208: Failed to open cached parse result: '[path]': …


As part of the parse avoidance feature, emake attempted to read a parse result file, but was unable to open that file.


The last part of the error message is provided by the operating system, and indicates why emake was unable to open the file.

For example, if just this one file was removed from its cache slot, without removing the slot directory, then you might see a message saying that the parse result file does not exist.

Alternatively, if emake lacks the necessary filesystem permissions to read from the cache, then you might see a message saying that emake was not allowed to read the parse result file.

Of course, there are many other reasons that a program might be unable to read a file.


First consider the portion of the message provided by the operating system. It says why the file could not be read, and from that you can infer how to resolve the issue.

In general, grant all necessary permissions to access the cache, and avoid editing the cache in any way other than to remove it completely. When emake is used in a supported fashion, you should not see this message.