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WARNING EC1213: Failed to create temporary slot directory with prefix '[path]': …


The emake client failed to create a temporary cache slot directory. The cache was not updated.

The final portion of the error message is provided by the operating system, and indicates what exactly went wrong.


The emake client maintains an “asset directory”, which provides a memory of past builds to help future builds. Certain subdirectories of the asset directory correspond to cache “slots” used by Parse Avoidance and JobCache.

Because emake wanted to update a cache slot, it tried to create a new temporary directory representing the new state of that slot. If emake had succeeded in creating that temporary directory, it would have filled it with data and then renamed it. But emake failed to create the temporary directory.

The most common reason would be lack of filesystem permission to create the temporary directory, but see the trailing portion of the error message for the specific error reported by the operation system.


If emake lacks the necessary filesystem permission, then either change the filesystem permissions to allow creation of cache directories, or change the location of the asset directory with --emake-assetdir=…​.

If the disk is full, then free up disk space or move the asset directory to a different disk with --emake-assetdir=…​.

Fixes for other kinds of problems would depend upon the error message reported by the operating system.