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WARNING EC1220: [path]: unexpected cache version: [actual] instead of


While trying to use the content of a jobcache slot, emake found that the content was written using a different version of the jobcache feature than emake supports. Over time, the jobcache feature has evolved through several revisions, but in general emake only ever supports the most recent version at the time it was released. This message indicates that a specific jobcache slot contained data from an incompatible version of the jobcache feature. The offending entry is identified by “[path]” in the message. If this message appears it indicates that emake will not use the jobcache for the job that tried to access the invalid slot; instead, emake will run that job as if the jobcache feature had not been enabled at all. Other jobs will use the jobcache feature as normal.


The jobcache operations file named by “[path]” in the message was created using an incompatible version of the jobcache feature. It may have been created by a different version of emake, or it may have become corrupted.


If the path named in the message is in emake’s private asset directory, then typically no fix is required: emake will automatically recreate the jobcache slot, replacing the invalid files with new, valid data. If the path named in the message is in a shared asset directory, the user may need to delete the file and the directory containing it to purge the invalid data.

Alternatively, since this message is only a warning, the user may elect to take no action at all and simply ignore the message.