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WARNING EC1271: Ignoring schedule file “[path]”: byte order mismatch


In order to optimize the runtime order of build jobs, Electric Make tracks historical information about job runtimes and relationships from previous builds in a schedule file. The file is stored in binary format to minimize loading and saving times, and therefore the file cannot be shared between emake invocations from systems that employ different byte-ordering standards (for example, the file cannot be created on an x86 system and used on a SPARC system). If emake finds a schedule file with an incompatible byte ordering, it will print this message and ignore the scheduling information in the file. This will not affect the correctness or reliability of the build, but may affect performance since the schedule optimization feature will be disabled for that run. However, at the end of the build emake will write a new schedule file in the correct format for that version of emake. Subsequent builds will use the updated file, and this warning will no longer appear.


This warning may occur if you copy scheduling data from one system to another with a different byte ordering.


After emake updates the schedule file, this warning will no longer appear. Alternatively, you may delete the schedule file, so that emake does not try to read it; or you may disable the schedule optimization feature with --emake-optimize-schedule=0.