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ERROR EC1297: Target mismatch, unable to create symlink [path]: File exists


During a build executed with CloudBees Build Acceleration, a job created a symlink at the given path within the virtual file system. When emake tried to commit that symlink to the real filesystem on the emake client, a symlink was found at that path already, with a different target than the target used to create the symlink in the virtual file system.

For example, the job may have created a symlink foo pointing to abc, but when emake tried to commit foo to disk, it found that a symlink foo already existed but pointing to def.

This is a non-recoverable error: once emake has detected this condition, there is no non-destructive way to ensure that the real filesystem and the virtual filesystem are correctly synchronized.


The most likely cause of this error is that the given path did not exist when emake was invoked, but while emake was running, a third-party process created the path (possibly even a distinct emake instance running concurrently). Generally this type of third-party modification to files used by emake during a build is prohibited because it can cause inconsistencies in the build process.


Ensure that no other processes are running and modifying files that are read or written by emake while emake is running.