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WARNING EC1332: Ignoring invalid value for --emake-jobcache option:


The --emake-jobcache command-line option takes a comma-separated list of values naming types of jobcache to enable during the emake run. Valid values vary by platform and version of CloudBees Build Acceleration. For the complete list of available values, use “emake --help”, or see the ElectricMake User Guide. This warning message indicates that one of the values was not recognized as a valid setting for the platform and version of CloudBees Build Acceleration being used. Note that this is only a warning, not an error, and that emake will continue to run as if the offending value had not been provided. In particular if the user provided other valid values for --emake-jobcache, those values will be honored despite the presence of the invalid value.


One of the values provided for the --emake-jobcache option is invalid. The erroneous value is given in the error message.


Correct the value for --emake-jobcache, or remove the --emake-jobcache option from the command-line.