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ERROR EC1311: Unable to integrate with cygwin: [details]


Cygwin integration was requested or automatically activated, but when emake attempted to initiate that integration, it encountered the error described by the message.


If the emake installation has been corrupted, you may see details such as:

Unable to invoke '[path]' from emake: …

But there may be other reasons for such a failure; consult the details of the message.


If you see "Unable to invoke…from emake", then repair the installation by providing the indicated program, or by reinstalling CloudBees Build Acceleration. Note that you might need to reinstall on the agent side as well, depending on whether the error originates on the client side or on the agent. If it originates on the agent, then annotation will show the error message in the "output" from the parse job; otherwise it will show it as a "message" element.

Otherwise, the fix will depend on the details of the message. Contact support if necessary.