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WARNING EC1320: [filename]:[line]: ignoring autodep filter `[pattern]’, does not match absolute path(s)


An invalid use of #pragma noautodep was detected on the given line number of the pragmafile specified by [filename]. emake will proceed as if the invalid specification was not present.


noautodep patterns are matched against full paths, so the pattern parameter for #pragma noautodep must either be an absolute path or start with a wildcard so that it can match any path prefix. As a special exception, the pattern may also begin with ./, in which case the pattern will have the job’s current working directory prepending.

This warning indicates that the user specified a pattern for #pragma noautodep that is an relative path that does not start with ./ or a wildcard, and therefore will never match any paths for purposes of filtering autodep behavior.


Correct or remove the invalid #pragma noautodep declaration.