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ERROR EC1334: configure failed for [version] [errors]


The user has used the --emake-android-version option to indicate that the build is for Android. Emake determines appropriate defaults for various commandline options to simplify the Android build process. This error indicates that it has not been able to determine appropriate defaults.

The output from the defaults-detemination process is appended to this error in [errors] and should indicate precisely what went wrong.


This means that the user cannot build the version of Android that is in the current directory or specified by --emake-android-root. It may be that this version of Android is not supported by the current version of Emake.


Ensure that the build was started in the correct source directory for the specified Android version (--emake-android-version=[version]) or that the setting of --emake-android-root points to the correct source directory. Ensure that the version of Android is supported and update to the most recent Emake if possible.