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WARNING EC1352: JobCache dir name index not found; please update diagnostic file [path] and partial output [path] to CloudBees.


An internal inconsistency was found while trying to create or update a jobcache entry. The jobcache slot will not be updated but the build will be otherwise unaffected when this warning appears. The user should upload the indicate file or files to CloudBees support for analysis.


This message may indicate that a daemon process attempted to access the EFS in between jobs running on an agent host, resulting in spurious filesystem usage records for a subsequent job running on that agent.


Inspect the job that produced the error as well as other jobs that ran using the same agent previously in the same build to see if any may have left behind a daemon process, and arrange for that process to be terminated when the job that started it completes, or modify the build so that the daemon is not started at all.