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WARNING EC2038: [agent]: agent reports: [Mount::set couldn’t open repository “./ecagent.state”: [error]]


The agent identified in the error message encountered a problem while trying to initialize emake roots at the start of the build. The text at the end of the message provides the operating system error detail.


This warning could occur for a variety of reasons. The error detail from the operating system will provide guidance on the specific cause. One common failure mode is “Resource temporarily unavailable”. In that case, the problem is that initializing the emake roots is taking too long, so some of the agents on that host are unable to complete the task within the brief 10-second window allocated to them. This condition may be triggered either by having too many agents on a single host, or by having very many emake roots in a single build.


The fix will depend upon the cause of the fault, which is turn can only be determined by inspection of the operating system error detail. However, in the case of “Resource temporarily unavailable” messages, the problem may be avoided by reducing the number of agents on the specified host, or by reducing the number of emake roots in the build that produced the error. For example, if the emake root list includes /home/build/src1, /home/build/src2, /home/build/src3, and so on, you could instead use simply /home/build.