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WARNING EC2090: Lost connection to agent [agent], will retry. Reason: agent reports [function]: No space left on device

WARNING EC2090: Lost connection to agent [agent], will retry. Reason: agent reports [function]: An operation failed because the disk was full.


This message is shown when the indicated agent’s temporary storage area has insufficient free space to continue participating in the build. The specific function that detected the condition is identified by [function] in the message text. Since the agent is no longer able to participate in the build, emake disconnects from it and notifies the cluster manager that the agent is in an error state.
Note that this condition is usually transient: the disk has become full because it is used to store source, output and intermediate files during the execution of the build, but those files are deleted once the agent stops participating in the build, freeing the disk space. Therefore examining the available free space on the agent’s host after the build has completed may give the impression that this message was displayed erroneously. As a general guideline, agents should be configured with enough temporary space to hold two times the sum of the build sources and outputs, times the number of builds that may be using agents on the host simultaneously (one, if the cluster is in “exclusive” allocation mode; or the number of agents on the host if the cluster is in “shared” allocation mode).


During the build, the space required to store files related to the execution of the build exceeded the available space on the disk holding the agent’s temporary directory.


The agents’ temporary directory should be reconfigured to reside on a disk with sufficient free storage to hold the input, output and intermediate files from your build. The eccconfig utility may be used both to show the currently configured agent temporary directory and to change the agent temporary directory.