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ERROR EC3006: CM handshake failed: Couldn’t resolve CM host: ‘cm.invalid’


When connecting to the Cluster Manager (CM), this error is produced if Electric Make (emake) cannot resolve the Domain Name System (DNS) name of the CM to an IP address.

The CM is specified with either the –emake-cm command-line option or the EMAKE_CM environment variable. The value of either or both of these options is causing emake to report this error.


This error will occur if the DNS resolver on the computer running emake is not configured properly. It can also occur if the authoritative DNS server for the domain hosting the CM is misconfigured, or if your local DNS resolver is not able to find the authoritative DNS for that domain. This can happen in split- horizon DNS where a DNS resolver may need to have glue records for internal domains specified manually.

Finally, this error can happen as a result of misspelling the CM hostname.


Confirm whether the CM is specified via an environment variable or command-line option. In the event both are specified, the command- line option takes precedence.

Ensure the CM hostname is spelled correctly and that you can resolve it to an IP address using a DNS debugging tool like dig, dnsname, or nslookup.

Alternatively, try connecting to the CM by IP address.