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ERROR EC3008: CM handshake failed: [HTTP error code]


This error occurs when emake is able to establish a network connection to the cluster manager at the start of the build, but is unable to complete the initial handshake for some reason. The specific HTTP error code will give additional insight into the cause of the failure:

  • 404: indicates that the host specified as the CM is not actually a CloudBees Build Acceleration Cluster Manager.

  • 503: indicates that the cluster manager is not ready to service requests yet, possibly because it is in the process of starting or restarting after some other failure.


The reason for the failure depends on the specific type of error encountered.


If the error code is 404, verify that you have correctly specified the cluster manager hostname. If the error code is 503, try again after a brief delay. If the error persists, check the cluster manager logs for additional errors that may prevent it from starting correctly.