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ERROR EC3009: CM handshake failed: Unable to connect to CM: ‘[hostname]’


When connecting to the Cluster Manager (CM), this error is produced if Electric Make (emake) cannot connect to specified port on the CM host.

The CM host and port is specified with either the –emake-cm command- line option or the EMAKE_CM environment variable. The value of either or both of these options is causing emake to report this error.


This error will occur if a TCP connection to the CM cannot be established. This will occur if the CM is not listening at that address, or if the address is not reachable from the machine running emake.


Confirm whether the CM is specified via an environment variable or command-line option. In the event both are specified, the command- line option takes precedence.

Ensure the CM hostname is spelled correctly and the port, if specified, is the correct number. The default port is 8030, which is specified during the install of the CM.

Confirm whether there is a CM running at that host and port. A tool like netstat can answer this question.

Confirm that you can reach the CM machine from the machine running emake. Routing, firewall, or other network errors can cause this problem. A tool like tracert or a port scanner can help diagnose network errors.