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ERROR EC3139: Couldn’t start cluster build on cm([hostname]): NoBuildAccess: User ‘[username]’ does not have permission to run builds


When connecting to the Cluster Manager (CM), this error is produced if the user invoking Electric Make (emake) does not have permission to run builds.

The user is specified with the –emake-impersonate-user command-line option. By default, on Unix, the user returned from getpwuid(2) using the effective user id of the emake process is used. If there is no entry for the effective user id, the user userid_ is used. On Windows, the default is the username returned by GetUserName. If this call cannot determine the current user, emake is used.


This error will occur if the CM does not permit this user to invoke emake.


This issue can be fixed by specifying another user using –emake-impersonate-user, or allowing the user to invoke emake from the Administration ⇒ Permissions tab of the CM.