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ERROR EC3186: NoAgentsOnResource: No agents available. Please check the cloud burst settings and image name for the resource.


When a cloud burst instance was launched with the image provided by the resource, the agents on the instance failed to connect to the Cluster Manager (CM).

The resource is specified with either the –emake-resource command- line option or the EMAKE_RESOURCE environment variable. The resource that was specified is given at the end of the error message.


There are several possible causes for this error:

  • The agents were not installed properly on the instance that was used to create the agent image. When installing the agents, the custom install must be used and the user should have checked the “Agents are provisioned ondemand from a cloud or grid manager-Amazon EC2, LSF, etc.” checkbox.

  • The security or network settings are wrong. The settings must be configured so that the agents can talk to the CM and vice versa.

  • Some other setting is not allowing communication between the agents on the instance from the image and the CM.


Launch an instance manually from the resource image name and verify that the agents were installed properly. Use the “ecconfig” command on the instance launched from the agent image and verify that the Cluster Manager setting is (empty=grid or local agent) and “Is Cloud host” is set to “y”. Be sure to terminate the instance when finished.

Verify the network and security settings of both the CM and the agent launched by the image name from the resource. Make sure the correct ports are open. See the appropriate section in the CloudBees Build Acceleration Installation and Configuration Guide for more information on configuring agents for cloud bursting.