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ERROR EC5005: [path]: failed to get size of file: [detail]


A CloudBees Build Acceleration program discovered a file that was too large for its intended purpose. A CloudBees Build Acceleration program successfully opened the named file for reading only, an then discovered that it was too long to read fully into memory. The purpose CloudBees Build Acceleration had in mind for that file required reading it into memory, and it was too big for that. In this case it is likely that transient memory availability was not even an issue: the file exceeded structural limits.


A file that CloudBees Build Acceleration expected to have a reasonable size instead had an excessively large size. Transient resource constraints probably were NOT a factor in this excessiveness (unlike EC5006).


First consider whether the content of the file was correct. If not, then correct it. But if the file was correct, then consider going to a 64-bit variant of the CloudBees Build Acceleration program that needed to read it.