CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight™ is a reporting and visualization tool for CloudBees Build Acceleration™. CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight (”Insight”) reads an annotation file produced by Electric Make™ (”eMake”), to provide a graphical representation of the build structure for performance analysis. Insight provides detailed information and reports for each job on each host in the build cluster. Insight shows how a build is structured and run, which lets you find performance problems or conflicts in a parallel build.

You can use Insight for at-a-glance diagnostics by examining which jobs are being performed, when they are being performed, and the files that are associated with them. You can also use Insight to help identify makefile problems and compare certain differences between an annotation file and a file from a similar build to help solve performance, job cache misses, and other issues. Insight is a simpler alternative to examining the file itself to find errors and tune performance.

New features

macOS Support

This release introduces support for running CloudBees Build Acceleration Insight on macOS Sierra (10.12) and later.

Search based on rebuild reasons

Insight supports searching for jobs based on rebuild reasons, using reason:VALUE syntax in the search query. For example, to find jobs rebuilt because the output was missing, search for reason:target-absent.

Behavior changes


Resolved issues

Error in Metric Diff when loading 11.0 annotation (EI-811)

With this fix, Insight correctly handles changes in the set of metrics reported in annotation generated by different versions of emake.

Terminator activity disappears from main display (EI-774)

If a build included skipped or reverted jobs, the Terminator row in the main display would sometimes fail to render correctly, instead showing a blank display. With this fix, Insight correctly accounts for skipped and reverted jobs when rendering Terminator activity.

Known issues


Installation and upgrade notes

New CloudBees Build Acceleration release strategy

Starting in August 2019, the release strategy for CloudBees Build Acceleration is updated to add a “preview” release in addition to the standard long-term support (LTS) and maintenance (patch) releases. This new strategy applies to Insight, which is bundled with CloudBees Build Acceleration.

The release numbering for the preview releases uses a new <year> . <month> .00 numbering scheme. For example, 2019.09.00.

CloudBees recommends that you upgrade to the preview release and test these features in a controlled environment before rolling them out to production.

For details about the new release strategy, see the CloudBees Build Acceleration Release Strategy Update web page.