Configuring TLS Between eMake and the Cluster Manager

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Communication between eMake and the Cluster Manager is encrypted based on Transport Layer Security (TLS) by default. eMake uses HTTPS to connect and verify the host name in the server but accepts self-signed certificates. The host (either the IP address or machine name) specified for the --emake-cm option must be contained in the subjectAlternativeNames section of the Java keystore for the Cluster Manager. The --emake-cm-security option can be used to change the security level. Valid levels are:

  • none: use http to connect to the Cluster Manager, with no transport layer security.

  • relaxed: use https to connect and verify the hostname in the server certificate, but accept self-signed certificates. relaxed is the default setting.

  • strict: use https to connect, verify the hostname and reject self-signed certificates. Using strict requires the use of --emake-ssl-cacert and --emake-cm-keystore.

For configuring strict security the following eMake command line options are used.

Command-Line Option Description

--emake-ssl-cacert=< path_to_PEM_file >

Path to the certificate authority bundle file. For example, --emake-ssl-cacert=cacert.pem. This file contains root and intermediate certificates that are needed to complete the end-entity certificate chain. This file must be in PEM format.

--emake-cm-keystore=< path_to_PEM_file >

Path to the combined certificate and keystore file used to identify eMake to the Cluster Manager. For example, --emake-cm-keystore=combined.pem. This file must be in PEM format.

-emake-cm-allow=< acl >

List of common names or organizational units (or both) that eMake will accept in Cluster Manager certificates and thus permitted to connect to the Cluster Manager, where <acl> is a comma-separated list of elements of the forms cn=common_name and ou=organizational_unit. For example, to indicate that the common names eric and cindy are permitted, specify cn=eric,cn=cindy. To indicate that the common name eric and organizational unit accelerator are permitted, specify cn=eric,ou=accelerator.