CloudBees Accelerator

1 minute read

CloudBees Accelerator® is a software build accelerator that dramatically reduces build times by distributing the build over a large cluster of inexpensive servers. CloudBees Accelerator uses a patented dependency-management system to identify and fix problems in real time that break traditional parallel builds. It plugs seamlessly into existing software development environments and includes web-based management and reporting tools.


  • Build acceleration

    • Accelerates Make, Ninja, and Visual Studio builds

    • Discovers and optimizes dependencies

    • Provides JobCache for build avoidance

  • Test acceleration

    • Provides a test case mode for accelerating unit test and static code analysis test cycles

  • Cluster management

    • Configures policies for build classes and resources

    • Intelligently distributes builds across available infrastructure

    • Monitors cluster health and usage via dashboards and reports

    • Supports bursting to common cloud-based infrastructure

  • Insight

    • Visualizes parallel builds

    • Identifies dependencies visually

    • Creates reports for analyzing build meta data

  • Electrify

    • Accelerates additional build tools