KBEC-00026 - Setting up ElectricCommander for continuous integration

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This recipe describes how to set up ElectricCommander’s ElectricSentry for continuous integration.

Continuous integration is the process of automatically starting a build whenever there is a new checkin to the SCM system. Continuous integration is a key element of Agile development, but it is useful as part of any development methodology, helping find problems earlier while they are localized and still small in scale.


ElectricCommander is well-suited to performing continuous integration, because it contains build procedures, and it has an API for running these procedures automatically. ElectricSentry is a project within ElectricCommander that monitors SCM system checkins and starts the appropriate build procedure when a change occurs, all under the control of the user who sets up the ElectricSentry configuration. See the ElectricCommander online help topic, "ElectricSentry," for information on configuring ElectricSentry.