How the evaluation works

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This guide is for those who have been working with a CloudBees representative and have been granted an instance of CloudBees CD/RO to evaluate.

Use this guide to familiarize yourself with CloudBees Software Delivery Automation and CloudBees CD/RO. Complete the hands-on examples to explore the features and technical advantages of the software and to inform your evaluation.

If you do not have access to CloudBees CD/RO but want to evaluate the software, just send us a request.

Accessing CloudBees CD/RO for the technical evaluation

In addition to this document, you should receive from your CloudBees representative the URL and the credentials you need to access your CloudBees CD/RO instance.

Enter the username and password provided by CloudBees to sign in to CloudBees CD/RO.

screen
Figure 1. Sign-in screen
It is assumed that only one user will be using the CloudBees CD/RO instance. If multiple users are involved, each should create his or her own project and namespaces.

Completing the hands-on examples

The step-by-step examples are provided to introduce you to the key features and applications of CloudBees CD/RO. The instructions are self-contained and can be performed with no further background so that you can be successful right away.

Because the examples build upon one another, it is highly recommended that you complete them in order.
The deployment examples make use of public content hosted on GitHub. These include a binary archive (.war file) and a Helm chart. Users only need read access to GitHub to download the .war file. The Helm charts are downloaded using a CloudBees-supplied configuration.

It is also recommended that you read the product features pages in the CloudBees CD/RO documentation so you can get a practical understanding of the software. You can do this before or after you complete the examples.