CloudBees CD release notes

CloudBees CD automates and orchestrates software releases, pipelines, and deployments--personalized for each user--with the analytics and insight to measure, track, and improve results.

Preview releases

These versions are released as a preview of the product. A preview is not production-ready. There are known and unknown issues. If you use a preview version, you are highly encouraged to use the last one released.

v10.0 long term support release

Starting with this release, CloudBees Flow becomes CloudBees CD.

Released: 2020-06-30

v9.2 feature release

Released: 2019-11-12

v9.1 feature release

Starting with this release, ElectricFlow becomes CloudBees Flow.

Released: 2019-06-25

v9.0 long term support release

Released: 2019-02-04

v8.5 feature release

Released: 2018-10-26

v8.4 feature release

Released: 2018-07-09

v8.3 feature release

Released: 2018-05-01

v8.2 feature release

Released: 2017-12-22

v8.1 feature release

Released: 2017-10-17

v8.0 long term support release

Released: 2017-08-01

Older ElectricFlow versions