KBEC-00039 - Apache and ElectricCommander session ID under Linux

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When creating your own GUI using Apache, you may want to use ElectricCommander ectool commands. The ectool login command fails when executed as Apache under Linux with the following response:

"Login failed. ["Couldn't write session file: Permission denied"]"


ectool login, by default, creates in the user’s Home directory a .ecsession file containing the session ID, or token.

The token is:

  1. Held on the Commander server

  2. Expired on the Commander server after:

    1. 72 hours (3 days) of no use. Using the token resets the timer.

    2. each server restart

  3. Stored on the client in a file in a directory that is unique to:

    1. the OS user - each user has a unique .ecsession file

    2. the host - can have a different .ecsession file on a different host

    3. the Commander server - each session to a different Commander server has a different token

The default .ecsession file is located in the user’s space.

  1. On Windows

    1. Windows Vista, Windows7, by default, for user "build": "C:\Users\build\AppData\Local\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander"

    2. Windows XP and 2003 by default, for user "build": "C:\Documents and Settings\build\Local Settings\Application Data\Electric Cloud\ElectricCommander".

  2. On Linux, by default, "~/.ecsession".


The issue is that processes running as "nobody", such as those started by Apache, do not have write access to their own Home directory.

ectool has a means to override this location by using the environment variable COMMANDER_SESSIONFILE, which can direct ectool to store the session file in a different location.


Use the following code to set an alternate session ID location and check the result of the ectool login command.

$ectool = "/opt/electriccloud/electriccommander/bin/ectool \--server $ecserver ";
$cmd = "$ectool login admin changeme";
$login_output = system($cmd, $return_code);
echo "Login Successful?
echo " Ouput = $login_output
echo " Return Code = $return_code