KBEC-00063 - Commander resource and agent licensing rules

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This article discusses how to derive the number of enabled hosts from the resource definitions.


  • The local agent is not counted against the license’s enabled hosts.

    • The number of Commander agents = enabled hosts +1 (local agent).

    • The local agent is identified by the string "localhost" or "". If you give the full name of the host in the resource, ElectricCommander will not recognize it as the local agent.

  • You can define as many standard resources or proxy resources as you like with the same "Host Name" value and that will only be counted as one "enabled resource." This can be useful, for example, if you need a special resource to control exclusive access to some activity.

  • It is the combination of host name and port number that consumes a license. In Commander resource definition host names "", "commander" and "commander.electric-cloud.com" may resolve to the same IP number but as resources they consume three licenses. If you install two commander agents on the same machine using a different port number to communicate to each of them, this consumes two licenses.

  • The proxy target is what consumes the license’s proxy host count.

    • Having many proxy resources with the same proxy target uses only one proxy agent license.

    • If your license has all proxy agents and no enabled hosts, the local agent must be used as the proxy agent for all proxy targets.