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Electric Cloud is using Zendesk for Support Request management.

Issues you raise with Electric Cloud will be stored in this new system, allowing you and your co-workers the ability to view ticket status and ticket history. Also within this site, KB articles are fully populated and Forums are managed within Zendesk as well. This combination of KB and Forum content offers you a single location where you can search for information about issues you may be facing.


  1. What is the current website URL?

  2. Can I submit tickets through the GUI?

    1. Yes

    2. New as of 2012, when you enter your comment to the Subject field, the system will run a search for you to look up whether an existing Forum entry or KB article may be relevant to the topic you entered. This information can sometimes allow you a means to an immediate resolution of the problem and avoid the need to submit your ticket.

  3. Can I still submit issues by email?

    1. Yes - You can create and reply to issues from email, as you have been doing, or from your portal login.

    2. Zendesk is a Software-as-a-service tool, so when you submit an issue, it is stored first at Zendesk and then auto-forwarded to those of us in Electric Cloud who need to know. And vice-versa, when we reply to an issue, it first goes into Zendesk, and is then distributed to those names that are connected to the ticket.

    3. A couple of differences to keep in mind:

      1. Differences with how the CC field is use:

        1. Adding users to the CC list of your emails will result in their receiving your email, but they will only be added to the ticket thread going forward if those users already have accounts in our System.

        2. Zendesk currently has a limit of 8 names in the CC list of an issue.

        3. There is currently no option to add CC names when entering an issue from the website.

        4. Let us know if you need to add someone permanently to the CC list for a particular ticket, and we can set that up for you.

        5. Zendesk is aware of our concerns regarding CC behavior, so things may change in the future - but there are no timelines available.

      2. After an issue is CLOSED it cannot be re-opened.

        1. No Issue goes to the CLOSED state directly, but enters a state of SOLVED where it sits for 10 days (see #8 below) before being moved to CLOSED.

        2. Any reply to the ticket when SOLVED will move the ticket back to OPEN status.

      3. Attachments are stored centrally, and provided as a link on the delivered email. This is generally convenient from a storage standpoint. However, in cases where you embed an image inside your email, the resulting delivery may not match with the wording you have entered.

  4. Can I place a priority on my tickets?

    1. Yes - when you submit your tickets using the GUI, you can define the priority

    2. Priorities available are as follows:

      • Low - this can be used for questions which you deem are of interest, but not requiring any urgency for reply

      • Normal - this is used for the majority of your submissions (DEFAULT - used for email submissions)

      • High - this should be used for cases which are impacting a team’s ability to move forward with the product, or some blocking case that is impacting productivity

      • Urgent - this should be used for the rare cases where your use of the products has been adversely impacted by some major event

    3. NOTE: Electric Cloud Support reserves the right to adjust this priority after reviewing the content of the ticket at any stage of the ticket review process

  5. Is there a way to know when I am supposed to provide information back to Electric Cloud for a ticket?

    1. Yes, when your ticket is in the PENDING state, you are expected to provide information regarding the issue.

    2. You will also see "Awaiting your response" in the "Check your existing Issues" display on the Web GUI.

  6. Can I view all issues that my organization has raised?

    1. For most customers, all issues created in Zendesk by your organization will be viewable from within the Zendesk portal.

      1. Closed/Solved issues are displayed in a separate list from issues in any active state (NEW/OPEN/PENDING).

    2. You can also see which issues are raised by any individuals associated with your organization.

  7. What will happen to the tickets from the old support system?

    1. The existing system will now be retained through 2012 to allow Electric Cloud to reference older/existing issue history.

      1. No porting of issues into Zendesk will take place at this time.

    2. At some time later in 2013, issues that remain "Open", or "On-hold", may be transferred.

      1. By this time, all cases that were in an "open" state today, should have been closed, or moved to "On-hold".

      2. Issues currently in an "On-hold" state and waiting for a specific version should also have been closed out by this time.

      3. Issues that are in an "On-hold" state, but not yet scheduled ("waiting future") may get completed throughout the course of the year. Those that remain in this state are anticipated to be transferred into Zendesk to ensure that these requests have not been lost - allowing customers to be informed if a future change impacts any historical requests.

  8. What do the Issue Status settings mean?

    1. New - newly raised, not yet opened by anyone in the Support group at Electric Cloud

    2. Open - Opened by an agent in the Support group, and being explored

    3. Open + CloseRestrictions field has a value = "On-hold"

      1. If CloseRestrictions = engineering : issue has been scheduled to be addressed by Development

      2. If CloseRestrictions = waitrelease : issue has been resolved and will be delivered in a coming release

      3. If CloseRestrictions = future : issue has not yet been scheduled to be addressed

    4. Pending - Issue is Opened, and awaiting comments back from the Customer

    5. Solved - Issue has been deemed "solved" and may be re-opened by the customer for another 10 days by adding a new comment

    6. Closed - Issue has been deemed "closed"

      1. The issue may NOT be re-opened again.

      2. If the issue re-surfaces from the customer, a new issue will be created.

  9. Why do some fields on the Web Browser Ticket Input page have an asterisk?

    1. These are mandatory issues, and must be filled in before your issue will be submitted.

  10. I’m a first time user and just submitted a ticket through email - why didn’t I see anything?

    1. Issue submission requires a user to be registered in our Zendesk DB to be accepted.

    2. Your issue is automatically moved to a "Suspended Ticket" holding place. From here one of the Support staff at Electric Cloud should move this issue forward and submit a request for your account automatically.

      1. This will only be done if non-generic e-mails are used, submission of issues with gmail, Yahoo or other such generic accounts will not be granted an account.

      2. Such emails may be associated with corporate email addresses upon request. This would allow you to submit an issue as USER@gmail.com, for example, but then the resulting email thread will continue through the user’s corporate account of USER@mycorp.com.

  11. How come I haven’t received an invite to log in to your Zendesk site?

    1. It’s possible the invite was captured by your junk-mail or your spam filter, please ensure that this email was not placed there. If you still can’t find it, please let us know and we can re-submit that email.

  12. I got the invite from your Zendesk system a few weeks ago, and now when I try to log in, it doesn’t seem to be working.

    1. Please let us know, and we can re-submit a new email for your login account setup if the first request has expired.

  13. Search at Zendesk seems a little different. How does Zendesk search work?