KBEC-00151 - Passing actual parameters to runProcedure in a Perl module

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This article discusses how to pass actual parameters to runProcedure in a Perl module.


This code executes a procedure that is contained in a Schedule. First it retrieves the Parameters from the Schedule, adds them to a parameter list, and then passes the list in the call to runProcedure.

# # Execute a Procedure based on the Schedule to detect changes # # Params: # projectName # scheduleName # # Returns: # The name of the procedure that it executed # sub ExecuteOneSchedule { my ($projectName, $scheduleName) = @_; my @parameterList; # Retrieve the Entire Schedule my $xPath = InvokeCommander("SuppressLog", "getSchedule", $projectName, $scheduleName); # Add each Actual Parameter to a list of hashes my $nodeset = $xPath->find('//actualParameter'); foreach my $node ($nodeset->get_nodelist) { my $actualParameterName = $xPath->findvalue('actualParameterName', $node); my $actualParameterValue = $xPath->findvalue('value', $node); push (@parameterList, {"actualParameterName" => $actualParameterName, "value" => $actualParameterValue}); } # Run the procedure my $procedureName = $xPath->findvalue('//procedureName'); $xPath = InvokeCommander("SuppressLog", "runProcedure", $projectName, $procedureName, {"scheduleName" => $scheduleName, "actualParameter" => \@parameterList}); return $procedureName; }

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