KBEC-00157 - Creating notifiers listing users and changes from a change list

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This article discusses how to create a notifier that lists changed files and to send it to the users that changed the file.


  1. Define an onCompletion email notifier for the build procedure.

  2. Get a list of users and modified files from the SCM system.

  3. Create a properties on the job with email addresses of those users, space-separated.

  4. Use those properties in the Destinations field of the notifier for the users and the text of the notifier for the changed files.

Perforce Example

The property path where ElectricSentry stores the Perforce changeset that caused the trigger of the procedure:

/projects/Electric Cloud/schedules/SentryMonitor /ElectricSentrySettings///LastAttemptedSnapshot

If you use multi-location ElectricSentry, replace "SentryMonitor" with the name of the particular instance of the SentryMonitor schedule, for example:

/projects/Electric Cloud/schedules/SentryMonitor - Summit/ElectricSentrySettings/EA Summit/3.2 - Property/LastAttemptedSnapshot

Attached is an example of code that will get the Perforce changeset descriptions and extract the user names into a property. The attachment is an exported procedure that illustrates this. Consider it to be an example that you will have to adapt to your environment to fix things such as the name of the email configuration, and how you set up the Perforce configuration information such as P4USER, and so on.