KBEC-00158 - Changing the location of Commander data post install

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At install time, the location of the Commander data is set in the Commander configuration files.

This article discusses how to change the location of the Commander data or separate the location of some aspects of the data.

Solution - Commander 3.6 and later

As root on Linux:

  1. Stop all Commander Services

  2. Replace the old path with the new in:

    1. all Commander files in /etc/init.d to the new location. This will include commanderServer, commanderApache, commanderAgent …​

    2. all Commander files in config directory including wrapper.conf, agent.conf …​

    3. src/ecconfigure.pl

  3. Restart all Commander services

With administrator privilages on Windows:

  1. Stop all Commander Services

  2. replace the path in each of the services commandline including commanderServer, commanderApache, commanderAgent …​

  3. Replace the old path with the new in src/ecconfigure.pl

  4. Restart all Commander services

Solution - Commander 3.5 and earlier

The files referencing data path information include:

  • agent.conf

  • wrapper.conf

During a Windows install, files with the .in extension substitute the variable entries with @@ in front and behind them. Using this syntax, the path variables can be located in the .in files.

Individual data breakout solutions

Windows Registry entries

The install uses the Windows registry keys.

From the Windows Run prompt, invoke "regedit" and use the search function to find any of the following registry keys (registry keys are unique to ElectricCommander):

  1. 6F794CA6-8574-4E60-8B1F-DBA21AEB9765

Change the path in the registry key to the new location.

Look at the other registry keys in the location related to commander and make sure they also don’t need updates.

ActiveMQ data

By default, the file commander.properties, found in the Commander conf directory has the following entry:

By default, this will be created underneath the Commander DATA_DIRECTORY, but you can set it to be a full path name and put a new location.