KBEC-00159 - Selectively recovering data from old full exports

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This article discusses the easiest ways to import a single project out of a full export file.

Solution 1

  1. Create a project called "scratch" in your current installation.

  2. Export the object in the current CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) format: ectool export /tmp/scratch.xml --path /projects/scratch.

  3. Using the editor of your choice, find the project in the original XML.

  4. Copy and paste the XML text from the old project XML into the new project XML in scratch.xml.

  5. Optional: Remove the ACL property sheet if the ACL are not important to you.

  6. BE CAREFUL! Be sure you have a backup of your full database before the next step.

  7. Import "scratch" with the recovery procedure: ectool import /tmp/scratch.xml.

Solution 2

  1. Back up the system (with a full export).

  2. Do the full import of the old system.

  3. Export the single project.

  4. Restore the backup.

  5. Import the single project

This should be fast and simple if the system is small, but it might be cumbersome for a large system.