KBEC-00169 - Defining custom style sheets in plugins

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GWT provides very few Java methods directly related to style. Rather, they encourage you to define styles in Cascading Style Sheets.


  • Go to the following directory: "C:\plugin-in-a-box\workspace\<YourProjectName >\src\com\example\commander\plugins\<YourProjectName>\public" (create the "public" folder if it does not exist).

  • Create a CSS file called, say, "special.css" with your own styles. For example:

.crazy_color {color:#FFBB22;font-size:140%;font-weight:bold;}
  • Add the following line to <YourProjectName >.gwt.xml

  • In Eclipse, highlight your project and select File > Refresh.

  • In Java, after you create a widget (or while processing an event, set its style to the one that you defined. For example:

@Override protected FormTable doInit() {        getLog().debug("Testing CSS");        Label l = new Label("LabelValue");        l.addStyleName("crazy_color");        FormTable ft = new FormTable();        ft.addRow("LabelValue", new Label("Label Value:"), l);        return ft;}

Applies to

  • Product versions: 5.0 and up

  • OS versions: