KBEC-00178 - Tracking down unsent email notifiers

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Procedures and steps have email notifiers. When users do not receive their notifiers, tracking down the reason can involve many culprits.


Users report they are not receiving notifier-generated emails. CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) does not list notifier problems as an error in the job or job step details.


  1. If the email fails to send, it will appear in the CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) log file (commander.log)
    Search for SendEmailOperation or SendNotificationOperation to track the mail interactions.
    Look for status messages. If CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) registers an error, you may find a message that looks like:

    1. Send email failed
      followed by more details on the failure mode.

  2. Reasons the email can fail to send include:

    1. Improperly formatted email address

    2. One of the email users is no longer valid

  3. If the mail was sent through a "real" email account, then check that user’s mailbox. Send failures due to destination permissions often block emails and the only indication of failure is a reply to the sender’s mailbox.

  4. Check if the IT policy involves blocking "suspicious" emails. A situation occurred where 30% of the mails were tossed into a mailbox somewhere for junk mail filtering. When the junk mail filtering was changed, suddenly hundreds of "missing" emails appeared.