KBEC-00195 - Procedure to export all projects

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Is there a way to export and import multiple objects?


Full import/export is more properly designated for the backup/restore type of operation. There is no way to exclude pieces, either on export or import, although this is possible with a script that iterates over all projects (or at least all that are not part of CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) and/or plugins) and export each one of them. Then you can import them into the other system.

The procedure for exporting individual projects is attached.

Notes regarding the procedure:

  • This procedure should work for Commander 5.x and CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow) 6.x and above.

  • By default, this procedure imports itself into a project called "EA Testing".
    You need to either create this project (if it does not exist) or provide an import path such as
    ectool import export_procedure_Export\ All\ Projects.xml --path /projects/<projectName >/procedure/<procedureName >
    (again, <projectName> is the name of an existing project).

  • This procedure has three steps:

    • create a list of all projects and store it in a property

    • export the procedure itself (for convenience)

    • export projects into the job’s workspace

Review the code to see if you need to adjust anything (for example, project filters in the first step).