KBEC-00198 - Running an ec-perl script from Cygwin

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To run an ec-perl standalone script from cygwin, these lines have to be added to your script


exec "c:/Program Files/Electric Cloud/ElectricCommander/bin/ec-perl" -x "`cygpath -m "$0"`" "${@}"


 #Rest of script…

Key Legend:

  • The 'exec' shell command says, "Replace this sh process with the execution of the following command, rather than spawning it as a child." This keeps the shell from running the rest of the script in its context after ec-perl completes.

  • -x says that when Perl runs, it should ignore everything before the #!perl line.

  • CloudBees CD (CloudBees Flow)'s perl is a win32 perl, so it won’t take unix-y paths for the script to run. Thus, we use "cygpath --m" to convert to Windows-style, '/' delimited (e.g. --m means "mixed" format).

  • $0 is the name of the script, as run on the shell (e.g. /tmp/ec.pl, ./ec.pl, ec.pl (for path lookup)).

  • "${@}" means all of the args from the command-line should be passed from this shell script (remember, this is an sh script to start with) to the program we’re 'exec’ing.